Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As promised, August's socks....
(to the left)
and the first few inches of Septembers. (to the right)
The ROY G BIV stripes are really YORFI (yellow, orange, red, fair isle), GIFI (green, indigo, fair isle), BVFI(blue, violet, fair isle). Since i took the photo, I have completed a few more rows--back to the red strip, and I've begun to make a gusset for the heel.
I'm planning an after thought heel--but with a small side gusset to add a bit more ease.

I don't have much else to show in the way of knitting, though a a poncho, some hats are still waiting to be photographed. I just finished the poncho today.. (miles of fringe!)
and tomorrow it will be mailed to my granddaughter.

This summer, several heat waves (defined as 3 or more day's with temperatures above 90°) made doing anything a chore.

Fun with Spray Paint!
I did have some fun with spray paint. A Pepperidge Farms cookie canister, an oriental wafer cookie tin, some japanese tea canisters, and some other miscelanious stuff were redecorated with spray paint and reproduction labels-- they re-emerged looking quit spiffy.

I love canisters. I have 'product canisters' for flour, coffe, oatmeal, salteen crackers, and biscotti, as well as apoccithary type glass jars that I regularly use to store food. Still, its always fun to have more.
I have been a bit of demon with the spray paint can.. a bunch of mis match frames became a co-ordinated set, recycled bins from cat food and kitty litter, spray painted- became waste cans. A small crude, unfinished wooden step stool, painted, looks, well not like a million bucks, but suitable for the living room.

Still on the To Do List...

is the skirt on the ottoman, and the finish cover on the chair I have been reupholstering. There is some time pressure on the chair. Its a pecan framed side chair, and any day now, a matching pecan wood etegier will appear.

We sort of play this game of swapping with family furniture, the chair and etegier were my in laws originally and my daughter ended up with them. She really didn't like either, but needed a chair, and bookshelves. But she's coming into a some bookshelves of her fathers, and in the interest of recycling, the items are coming to me.

It's no wonder she didn't like the chair. The original olive green silk upholstery was thread bare. I stripped it down to the frame, added new webbing, padding and foam. --Once it has its new silk fabic in place (a deep prussian blue, embroidered with fruits) it will look (and be) a new chair. The etegier didn't really fit in the place she had it--or any where else for that matter.

I loved the chair and the etegier -- and my living room has just the place for it. a short wall that is just 4 or so inches wider than the etegier. Like all the other shelves in the living room, the open shelves on the etegier will be fitted with lights--well, half of them will be.

The other shelves will hold books, (and make do with reflected light) A hidden light fixture on the top of the etegier , with lamps aimed at the ceiling, will provide that light.

I have been living here now going on 4 years, but there is still much to do. I take my time, and slowly position thing. I am pleased with my choices, and don't mind waiting to I decide exactly what i want.

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