Monday, August 28, 2006

at last-- an image appears

For some reason, adding images after the make a post hasn't been working.

So, I tried adding images first.. and voila, an image.
These are July's socks, (in theory, I just aim for a pair of socks a month, but in reality, i obsess. It's a rare month I don't make a pair.)

August's socks are complete, just not yet photographed, September's are on needles. I am thinking about a few extara pairs--one for my son, and one for my honorary grandson. My son and his family go camping and hiking, and wool sock are really just what they need. I can always just find a pair from my knit but not yet worn stash of socks for my DIL and socks for my granddaughter (age 6) are quick to knit. But men's (or manly sized for a teen age boy) take a few more stitches and a few more rows.

My stash of sock yarn has grown this summer, mostly Kroy 4 ply solid colors, but swaps have helped even things out. At the rate of 1 pair a month, I have, about a 3 year supply of sock yarn. On needles right now, OnLine sock wool in the color Seirra. Not a perfect ROY G BIV stripe, but close to it.

July's socks are Lion Brand Magic stripe, with a tubular cast on, 1 X1 ribbing, and boxy 5 X1 rib for the body of the sock. Round heels and french toes.

August's socks start with a 2 tone rib, then a short cuff with a fair isle design, the body of the sock in Winsor grey tweed (Kroy). the round toe echo's the fair isle design on the cuff. i'll get a photo up in my next post.

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