Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Several years ago, when I was new to knitting boards, I had a bad swap experience.
The details are unimportant, except that it put me off swaps for good while.
Lately, I've had some better luck.
Last year, I found some Lion Brand Magic stripes in a remainder bin--at 50Cents a ball. Some of the balls were slightly damaged, but most were intact.. I bought 10 balls! Who wouldn't each ball make a pair of socks?

Unfortunately, the colors were not exactly my favorite colors.
3 balls were the Jelly Bean stripe, one of my least favorite colors, and 3 were the "Spring" stripe (green/orange/white/tweed)-a so so color choice for me. The remainder were "denim" (several shade of blues/whites/red/taupe) , blue stripes (medium blue/dark blue/charcoal/tweed) and the purple stripe (dark blue/purple/charcoal/tweed) Colors I like, and had bought and knit before, but how many pairs of blue striped socks do I want?

The first pair of the "Spring" socks ended up being gifted to my DIL (with a matching pair to granddaughter) -I had already inflicted them with a mother/daughter matching pair of JellyBean stripes--I wasn't going to force two pairs on them.

Then I swapped a ball with Carolyn in my SnB group--not for sock yarn, but still we were both happy with the swap.

Later, I swapped 2 balls of Lion Brand Magic stripes for 1 ball of Regia, and 1 ball of On-line self striping sock yarns.
(Amazing! --someone wanted Lion Brand yarn and was sending me Regia!) I haven't made socks yet with the On-Line yarn, but the Regia socks are beautiful --I actually won a blue ribbon for them at a small crafts fair.

Then last month, I saw an offer to swap finished socks for hand forged DPN's, and decided it was worth a chance. I am thrilled with the needles-seen here with a mall sock yarn coater i knit with with them, (and the recipient seems pleased with her socks!)

So now I am setting up more swaps..
Yesterday, I mailed out 2 balls of Kroy color Blazing Blue,(an aquamarine/swimming pool sort of blue) for 2 balls of KnitPick's Simple Stripes in snapdragon color way (greenish yellow/purple/orange)

This afternoon, i will be mailing 1 ball of Lion Brand Magic stripe for 2 and them some (slightly shopworn, but then, it is 2 balls and then some) balls of Kroy sock yarn in a taupe tweed.

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