Saturday, September 23, 2006


Computers! If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

My ‘high speed’ line is dependant on a modem provided by the cable company.

My first modem (backing 1992) lasted 5 years. These new high-speed modems last 5 moths or so. Then you get into the “if there are problems, try ‘cycling the modem off, disconnecting it, waiting 10 minutes, turn your computer off, reconnect the modem and then restart your computer.

(and this is faster than dial up HOW?)
Not to mention, its cunning ability to drop your connection moments before you hit the save button, --and everything worked on is lost! That's happened more than once in the past 10 days.

So now I have to schedule time to wait for the cable guy and get yet another modem.

My printer is giving me grief too, though, it’s partly my fault. I got one of those do it yourself refill kits for the ink cartridges.

It worked fine the first time I refilled the cartridge. But the color cartridge was a bit pickier. I overfilled it I guess, and it leaked. The water soluble ink then leaked into the little circuits on the cartridge and print head, and nothing worked.
(Not to mention, water on electronic connections is a no-no!)

Now, the color is uneven --no, (or at least not much) red.

All this happened as I printing up material for the NYC Knit out—that is for the BAKG booth) at the knit out. The A in the logo is a big red apple. Thank goodness for red sharpies.

After the knit out, I was too tired to knit! Tuesday at my S&B group, (Yahoo group LICKNit2), all I did was ball up yarn. Somehow have gotten along all these years with out a ball winder or swift—fortunately, I was able to borrowed Dana’s ball winder, and 9 huge balls of yarn latter, I have some cotton I can use. (This stuff is fine boucle cotton. 3 strands held together = worsted weight. I haven’t decided yet if I will use it as 2 stranded DK or 3 stranded worsted.

No photo’s, since nothing is finished. And the bonus socks for the month are planned as presents. I could take some photos of my newest additions to my stash. The Black cotton (coned) was the largest of 5 cones I balled up. The other four cones I did by hand.

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