Wednesday, September 06, 2006


God knows I am not a yarn snob.
I have intermittable skeins of Red Heart acrylic. No matter how fast I knit it up into blocks for Warm Up America, or into hats for charity knitting, or even into ponchos for my granddaughter, there is always more--usually given to me, partly i suppose, because I am known to be a knitter.

So at the beginning of the summer, when I was almost out of Red Heart, I received, 4 ‘super saver’ (8 oz) skeins, and at the end of the summer, another half dozen skeins (fortunately, these were mostly 3 and 4 oz skeins!)

You know how it is. Some one dies, or moves, or has arthritis too painful to knit, and rather than throw the stuff out, they look to find someone or organization to donate it to.

I pass a lot of the Red Heart on. Still like proverbial rabbits, it seems that skeins of Red Heart multiply faster than I (or anyone!) can knit them up!

There is difference Knitting with Red Heart isn't as enjoyable as knitting with a fine silk or wool, or other natural fiber. When I was knitting my GD poncho, and each row got longer and longer, I dreaded each stitch (and put the whole thing aside for a few weeks). Red Heart has it uses, but it doesn't really feel good as you knit it.

This week, I have been knitting with silk, and I had trouble putting the knitting down! I won’t say I knit this in record time, but even I am surprised at how fast I worked—of course it was difficult putting down the knitting to sleep. The yarn, and fabric felt so good.

There was less than optimal yardage, (a scant 375 yards) so its really a shawlette. With a pattern that started with 7 stitches cast on, (a fast row!) and ended with 251—which took a bit more time!

This Morning, before I breakfasted, finished the last few row of garter on the bottom edge and I bound off. It’s not yet blocked or finished, and roughly measures 42 inches (apx. 1.1 meters) across the top, and 23 inches deep.

This silhouetted view obscured the colors, but does show the simple lace to advantage.

I ended with enough yarn to work 2 more rows –but its hard to estimate how much yarn is needed for 10 rows of garter (and with 4 increases ever other row, it’s even trickier!) and for a bind off. A shawl, or any garment can be ruined by a tight bind off. Better to have a few yards left over than not enough.

I am thinking about a tassel for the center back. Maybe even one at each end.

For the record
Septembers socks.. the heels look a bit weird, but they fit fine.

These socks were done toe up, with a banded toe, and band afterthought heel, in OnLine Seierra Effects, on size 1 needles, (circa 9.2 stitches to the inch).
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