Monday, September 25, 2006

Vanity! Vanity!

I admit it. I am vain.

It’s just one of a long list of personal flaws. The list is slightly shorter than it used to be years ago, but, it’s still awfully long—but enough of my personal failures. On to my sucesses!

Today, I received my copy of the 2007 Pattern a Day Knitting Calendar.
I have 3 patterns in the 2007 calendar.

I didn't know for sure if my pattern would be in the calendar--the editor didn't do that good a job confirming things--but it's petty to complain since they were included.

Last year at the 2005 NYC Knit Out, our guild planned to hand out book marks.

Ideas were solicited. My ideas were rejected (and truth be told, knitting them in quantity would have been a substantial effort.) Still the ideas and patterns got printed up in the Guild Newsletter, City Purls. Copies of back issues of CityPurls are available in PDF format on the BAKG web page, under member’s benefits.

Paulette Lane saw them there, and solicited them for the 2007 Page a Day calendar, and now they are in print. January 11, March 8 and August 13 are my days.

I’ve been published before—in a dark and distant past I was a coupon queen and wrote for a couponing and refunding magazine. One article I wrote was edited, and ran in Kings Features Syndicated column. that ran in over 500 US newpapers. (Martin Sloan was the official 'author' of the column, and publisher of the magazine I wrote for. He credited me when he published the peice--which original ran in the magazine.)

But knitting patterns are different. They are part of my creative side. Reporting facts, (no matter how well it’s done) is, well, pretty straight forward, and done right, factual.

Designing is creative --and pattern writing is a much more technical skill.

I’ve added some links in the left hand column, including one to my on line photo gallery. You can see images of the 3 bookmarks there, in the knitting album--if you don't want to wait or don't plan to purchase the calendar. Or just jump to an image of all three. Those are 3 mini apple bookmarkers in the center, braided loosely for effect.

Personally, I like the mini apple on the eye cord best--thought I think the medallion works the best.

It’s pretty funny. I almost never use bookmarks, I find it easier to just note the page I am on when I finish reading, and remember it. I forget lots of things, (been known to forget my purse!) but I love reading and I never forget what page I am on.

Actually is worse than that—if I read something really interesting, I will look at the page number, and remember it—sometimes for years. (And still forget to buy milk when I am in the grocery store) Even when I forget the page, I will remember if the information is on the right hand side or left hand side page, and will often remember the paragraph.

I used to be very good at this when I was a child (and into my teen and early adulthood) but I’m no where near as smart or have as good a memory now as I did then.

And from now on, I will remember January 11th, March 8th and August 13th!


Mag said...

Congratulations Helen! This is wonderful!

MBT said...

Congratulations - can't wait to see them on the book shelves, or is that calendar shelves?

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov!!!

I'll be looking for it when I pick up my new calendar :-)

sulu-design said...

Congratulations! Three more "holidays" to celebrate.

Melissa said...

that's great helen! congrats!

Brooklyn Purls said...

RE: Numbers
Yep, I'll forget to eat, and I used to do a great job memorizing numbers. But these days the only number I remember is the phone number my grandmother had and she passed away over 25 years ago!

|chee-uh| said...

Very cool! Congratulations.

Nikki said...

Congratulations! Yeah, I feel you on the not so great at the confirmation. I sent in a pattern and got a "thanks! they're adorable". Does that mean it's in for 2008? I'll be looking out for your patterns.