Monday, October 30, 2006

Thing are working again on the computer front

You might’ve thought that a duo of computer problems (a nasty virus and intermittent modem) would have freed up time for knitting. You might’ve I would have had my most productive month ever.
Well you’d have wrong!-- Oops, make that I am wrong, wrong, wrong!

I was reminded, as I began to take and save pictures of the things I remembered knitting, that there were many things I totally forget about! --And realized I sent a pair of tube socks off to my grandson with no photo record.

Now they were just plain baby blue tubes socks, in a 1 X 1 ribbing -worked on size 1 needles.. But.. Well, one of the reasons I started my albums on photo bucket was to avoid just this--knitting, gifting the knitting and totally forgetting about what I have knit!

So what did I knit in the month of Soctober?
1 pair of KnitPick (simple stripes/snapdragon) socks completed

and my funky socks (more on them below)
and a pair of primary color striped Regia socks! (these I total forgot!)

With the baby tube socks, this makes 4 pair of socks in the month of Soctober.

(and I have yet another pair about 1/3 done on needles. I don’t think I’ll finish these before tomorrow midnight. But…

These sock are samples for the class I'll be teaching at The Village Knitter--more on that in my next post.

The Funky Socks...
Early this summer, Pianogirl, (Knitters Review), had a stash buster, and shared (gave away!) lovely yarns to anyone who was interested. I didn’t take all of the cream (I passed on Kid silk mohair!) but I greedily pick out lovely sock yarns. To feel less guilty about plundering her stash, I gave her a pair of hand knit socks--the Kroy Chroma socks.

What I got in return was: 2 matching skeins of Koigu,(still waiting to be knit up) a single skein of ArtYarns superwash Merino in sockweight, and Louis Sales Gem Opal yarns. As well as some skeins of Classic Elite’s “Beatrice” (this will turn into something for my granddaughter Beatrice) and other wonderful skeins.

Pianogirl collected a lot of single balls/skeins and single skeins, and several of the skeins were the same yarn in different colors. This presented a challenge. I didn’t think a single skein of the Open was quite enough for pair of socks, but 3 different colors are too much.

The result was these fun and funky socks. They have been called Muchkin socks, and Umpa Lumpa socks, and other various names.. They are not everyday socks for sure!
The Stripes are intentional offset; one sock starts with orange, the other with yellow, and foot of the sock is matched to the starting stripe.

The top (cuff/leg) were knit flat, with the green braided cable as intarsia stripe on the edge. When the leg was completed, the sock was joined into a round for heel flap and turning. The same fern green of the cable was used to make the heels and toes.

The cable ended at the turning, and change of gauge (from cable to stocking) gave the turning a bit of extra ease.

LS Opal is light/medium weight yarn--on size 3 needles the tight gauge was still short of 8 stitches per inch. (these socks are going to be gifted this holiday)

Wait there is more--
A got a hat knit, too, (I love knitting hats!)-- Make that 2 hats --(I forgot about the first one I knit, early in the month!)
This little jewel box is made from Lamb’s Pride super wool, (worsted weight) and Juwel (a DK weight yarn)-a sports weight super wash.
The Juwel was worked twinned knitting style, (I don’t much like it when colors pool) The crown is has a star like 5 point decrease pattern. The tails of yarn make the double chain stitch for the tassel.

I also made a golden spiral hat for charity--it’s a mystery blend yarn. A simple garter stitch worked on the bias (Blogger just doesn't want you to see it!)

Last and far from least, a silk (Habu silk!) garter belt in a double ruffle pattern for wedding shower I am attending tomorrow!

And that’s it! A month of knitting --and a good reminder to myself to photo record my work--even if I can’t get it uploaded! Its not a huge amount of knitting--but it is almost twice as much as I first thought!

What's more, I did a presentation at my guild meeting, went to Rhinebeck (Saturday), bought some tools and equipement, (WPI tool, a Winder, and an I-cord machine) --more on all these in my next post!