Wednesday, November 22, 2006

1, 2, 3 Strikes-- You’re Out

I don’t often frog.
I sometimes tink, but I don’t even do that often.
I tend to stop and check my work row by row, and catch mistakes before they have time to establish themselves.
But these socks are the exception.

.....1--The lace pattern is lost in the stripe.
.....2--There was a knot in the yarn, and the stripe pattern was ‘broken’.
.......I am not obsessive about have exactly perfect stripes, but I do
.......sort of like to have close to too, if not perfectly
.......identical socks.. A stripe pattern going wrong in the
.......first 3 inches of the knitting is not good.
.....3--And finally, last night , knitting, talking and eating chocolate chip cookies with walnuts (a special treat made just on Tuesday nights for the LICKnits Snb group) at Communitea Café , I managed to mess up the lace pattern.

I like the pattern (a fern lace)--even more than the yarn.. So for now, these socks are going to be frogged.. And new stocks started --with some pale blue Koigu--a yarn that will better show the lace. And this striped yarn will have to wait its turn.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with your decision. It just looks messy in that pattern and doesn't do the yarn or your knitting skills any justice.