Sunday, November 12, 2006

Last month, it was soft ware...

This month, it’s hardware.

And it knocked me total out--my computer was a dead as a door nail.
Still, it was simple enough to resolve--I guessed, rightly, it was just a bad power supply.

There is silver lining’s, too. First a great big thanks to Kevin Z--I mentioned my woes, and he came up with a spare power supply he just happened to have on hand. More than the $$ (power supply’s run about 30 bucks) it was the overwhelming generosity and convenience! (Sometime somewhere, I must have done something good--I don't know where or when, but I must have. Why else do I have the most kind and giving friends?)

Once the PC was apart, I also installed my fire wire card--that’s been sitting on my computer desk since late August waiting to be installed.

I got a used digital Sony camcorder in late July, and my thoughts were, if I had a firewire, I could make small digital video clips on techniques.

Why not? I have the technical skills, a tripod and camera--what more do I need? (Some indirect lighting? I am a wiz at lighting!) --Oh, yeah, I need memory.

I do still need to beef up my memory--but Circuit City is across the street, and black Friday is rapidly approaching.. I don’t get to sleep in on black Friday. As mentioned, Circuit City (Sears, Marshall's, etc) is in the mall across the street, and last year, the traffic jams at 6:00 had police cars (and siren) managing (or perhaps mismanaging) the traffic. This year, I’ll get up early and be first in line for what every brand of memory chip they are giving away as a door buster.

Then I just have to do it! Anne Modisett is good inspiration, she’s been peppering her blog with You Tube clips for the past few weeks.

I’m not (as I am sure you have noticed!) the world best photographer but with time, and repeated do overs, I suspect I can get something together.

I have done training manuals, using power point, with video and text.. But usually, even if I storyboarded what was to be done, someone else was behind the camera. And someone else did all the tedious editing.

I took a picture of the old power supply, but with so much to catch up, a photo will have to wait.

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