Sunday, December 17, 2006

Do you Push Knitting,

as your DRUG of choice?
I know I do.
Lot’s of obsessed, I mean, Passionate knitters do.
Needles, of course are the thing you need.
Lot’s of cheap, readily available needles.
My favorite are made from bamboo chop sticks.

I know not all Chinese restaurants use this style, but when you find one that does, ask to buy a dozen sets or so (my local restaurant charges 10¢ for extra sets, and every once in a while, I buy a $1 worth)

In most craft stores you can find wooden doll head, (these come in 1 inch and ¾ inch, I prefer the smaller ¾ inch ones) 4 in a pack, normal $1, but when they go on sale I stock up and buy a few packs.--I suppose if I looked harder, I could find the doll heads packaged in sets larger than 4 at time (and these would likely be cheaper still!) But the 4 packs go on sale often enough, so I haven't made the effort to look!

The Bamboo chopsticks are almost precisely a (US) size 8/5mm.

The doll heads fit the chop sticks perfectly, and unlike BEADS, they have a neat smooth round top. I twist them on, and don't need to use glue.

The points of the chopsticks need some shaping, but an emery board will be sufficient to shape the dull tips into rounded (or not so rounded) points.
Wax paper, (or paraffin, or even some softened bee’s wax) polishes the bamboo to silken smoothness.
A final touch is to paint the dolls head knob, and carefully add a number 8 or 5mm measure to the knob end of the needle shaft. I just mask the needle and spray paint them, but you could put an effort into hand painting the tops if you wanted.

Worst case, the set of needle cost $0.59, often a set cost a mere 25¢ --making them cheap enough to give away freely!
And every knitter has some small balls of yarn, to give away with the needles.

Perhaps you’ve thought about teaching knitting at your child school, or starting a knitting club as an after school project. These needles are perfect low cost way to get started.

These needles are also the perfect antidote to those people who demand, “Well, if you’re knitting, you can knit me…”

Just hand them a set of needles and yarn, and invite them to learn to knit for themselves!

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Anonymous said...

Love the knitting needles idea! I've heard of it, but have never seen it. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks!