Sunday, December 24, 2006


Enablers-- 1
It’s amazing isn’t it, how enablers enter your life?
My obsession with knitting hats started up in the weeks before Thanksgiving, and was, with the sun’s light, waning.
Then, along comes Renee G., and now I am, once again, working hard, knitting hats.

Mind you, I am not working as hard as KnitNerd, (aka Barbara V.) who has taken a leaf out of the Yarn Harlots book, and set a goal for herself , (back in the beginning of December) of making a hat a day.
And she has stuck to it.. Though sometimes she substitutes fingerless gloves for a hat.
(both KnitNerd and Renee are blogless!)

Getting back to Renee, she sent me a link to
The Ship’s Project, a group that is dedicated to sending hand knit hats US service men and women.
I got the link Thursday, and completed the first hat (Oversea’s) Saturday.

Now I am several inches into the second.

My goal is a half dozen ready in time to for the next mailing (January 7th--or if I am late, by the February mailing!)

I have some very mixed feelings about a lot of charity knitting, but none at all about supporting the fine men and women who serve this country. What ever political sentiment there is state’s sides, they deserve to know their willingness to serve is appreciated. And if a hat helps, well then, a hat, or two, or dozen, it is!
I could I suppose just knit plain hats, but what’s the fun in that? I have so many odd balls, and half balls, and bits and pieces, I’ll have some fun. Nothing too complicated, but nothing to boring either.
Why not check your knitting bag or basket, and see what yarn you have left froom your holiday projects, and make a hat?


Anonymous said...

The evening star hat looks very ethereal in the white mohair, what it needs is a more delicate button - something filigreed maybe? I will look through my stash of vintage buttons and I'll send some for your consideration.

Anonymous said...