Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hat 3 and other stuff

Last night I finished up the 3rd of six hats I am knitting for The Ships Project (there is a link at left, with other links)

I know I can knit faster. I could just knock out some hats plain knitting and make 6 virtually identical hats in no time at all. I suspect the Marines who receive them wouldn’t care.

But what is the fun in that? I am not simple knitting for them.
I am knitting for my pleasure, too!

Hat 3 got started and frogged 3 times.--I never really got past row 6 or 8 or so.
Eventually I changed yarns, change process (went from brim up to a top down method) and changed designs.

It finally end up looking like this:

(Hat 4 is having a similar problem-- its at row 6 and I don’t like it.. So out it will come!)

I am/am not going to give you the pattern for this hat.

It follows a sort of cellular automaton design.

While the design starts out as K2 of CC, K1 of MC, as the stitches increase,
it evolves into K3 of CC, K1 of MC.
At some point it flips, (K3 of MC, K1 of CC), and them flips/flops back and forth before the hem.

The 3:1 pattern start over every new “segment” or 6 times per round.
These segments (quite visible in top), continue all the way to the hem.

The starting point for the basic pattern is different in every round.
(I.e., 1 round might be K1CC, *K1 MC, K3CC, (3 times) and end with a K1CC, in each segment)
Sometimes, pattern reverses at the mid point of the segment.

I haven’t thought about it enough to figure out the ‘rules’ that govern the pattern.

My fingers know the pattern better than my head. At the beginning of each round, I find my place, and then just knit. I find this sort of generic fair isle to be almost mindless.
(Which says something profound about how my mind works!)
The hat was knit with Paton’s SWS and Paton’s Classic Merino, on size (US) size 8 needles. The SWS (soy/wool/stripe) provided the color changes.

The basic shape:
Cast on 6, join into round.
Increase 12 stitches evenly placed, every 3rd round.
At round 6, add second color (fair isle style) using a Make 1 for the new color.
(these added stitches are part of the basic pattern of increases!)
Continue to work in cellular automaton design (which will change, as the number of stitches increase) until you have enough stitches.
In my case that was 84 stitches, (14 stitches in each of 6 segments) - you may require fewer/more if you use different yarns/needles/gauge.

The design (fair isle) pattern will change if you have few or more stitches, but it will still work!
You will still end up with some basic X and O designs. (smaller or larger perhaps)

Switch design by switching Main Color for Contrasting Color at some point.
/Switch back.

End with Ribbing or several rows of Latvian braiding.

To learn more about how to knit with Cellular Automaton designs, Google Cellular Automaton,
or see Unexpected Knitting (Debbie New) or Knitting Nature (Sarah Gaughan).
As the year draws to a close, I am thinking about what I will be doing next year.
Teaching more, (so far just at Village Knitter, but maybe even more there, and hopefully else where) is one of my goals.

Knitting more is too!

Knitting what? Well so far:

Hat for my DD (her birthday is 1/14)
(she ask at Christmas and was pretty particular about what she wanted. But she so rarely asks for anything, its easy to accommodate her requirements)

Maybe a shawl for her too.

More hats for The Ship Project (since I won’t have 6 done in time for First mailing (first week in January) half will be sent in time for second mailing (first week in February)

Sweater for Grand Daughter
(in blue, green and purple, currently her favorite colors)

Poncho for Grand Son
(granddaughter asked for a poncho matching hers for her brother)

Sweater (maybe actually a vest?) for Grandson.

12 pairs of socks (1 pair a month)
(there are sock yarns battling out in my head who’s next!)

Finishing my “not a Scandinavian Sweater”
(don’t ask and I won’t tell)

Baby Sweater for Jill new son (still not born, but any day now!)
I have made him a few hats, but a sweater would be nice.

Finishing Red spiral shawl.

Finishing up DOCUMENTING Viking hat.

(I know there are more things on the list. I just can’t think of them right now!)


Anonymous said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier, but was thwarted by the Blogger sign in system. Anyway, here I am, commenting. Happy New Year!

sgeddes said...

I like the hat!

My that is quite a list of knitting! It will be fun seeing you get all of it completed! I can only hope to get about a quarter of that done!