Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Enablers

Enablers 2
My December socks, (remember, back at the beginning of December, I was making socks? ) are still unfinished, and I have now set myself a goal of a half dozen knit hats, but Lisa (aka defendedtoclick on the coffee shop BB) G, --who also is know as the
Tsock Tsarina --(and is the designer of the Kitri socks the Yarn Harlots has featured on her blog, ( here and else where on her blog) gave me the most beautiful hank of sock yarn, to lure me back into sock knitting.

It’s a special dye lot from Jennifer of (Van CalCar Acres) and it’s a good thing I have hats (simple hats) to knit, so my mind is free to think about what to do with this beautiful yarn. I definitely need to find a special pattern for this yarn.
It’s the golden rosy dawn --ribbons of sun light -- warm and sunny, as pretty as a brand new day! So, how does that translate into a pair of socks? I’ll have to figure out a way!
Just before I got Renee’s email, I had finished a second (improved) version of my Evening Star hat.
This version done in Phildar Rubis Kid, (70% kid mohair/30% acrylic) was knit on finer needles, (with a finer gauge yarn) but still blocked to the same size as the 90% acrylic LB yarn.
The improvement was simple knitting it in a better yarn!

I’ve also knit second version of the Pleated Kitty--this one is oversized, and will be felted--and then photographed .

Meanwhile, last night, I completed hat 2 of my goal of 6 for The Ships Project.

This hat is a simple 2 X 2 rib, made with Paton's Classic Merino, in the color Retro.
I think it looks like Sand and Sea, Day and Night. Its about 12 inches long, so there is plenty to fold back to make a nice deep cuff.

I like the way the yarn colors move, forward, and back--(in retrograde!)

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Anonymous said...

Those hats are wonderful..especially the evening star's so...sweet.