Saturday, December 16, 2006

Whimsy and Elfin

What can I say? More hats!

Elfin came first--an infant's hat, in Brown Machine Washable Wool (Mode Dea)

Followed by Whimsy--an adult hat.

Not the most conventional hats, but every once in a while, its fun to have wild and crazy hat. And Whimsy, for certain is a wild and crazy hat!

Whimsy was a refinement of Elfin, and made with the yarn every one loves to hate, (Red Heart!) --and used up every inch (but 15!) of an incomplete skein. I'll have to rumage through my stash and find something as riotous in color for a 'final version' .

Elfin was the First Draft (I alway make first drafts in miniture) Whimsy 99% the same, is a refinement of the design. The difference can only been seen on very close examination.

I actually have half a skein of OLD (i.e., 100%wool) Red Heart, in a very similar colorway, but I am sure its not enough yarnage for an adult hat.

Whimsy is likely to find a jingle bell attached at the tip, --perhaps a jingle bell nestled in a white pom pom, to mute the noise--but it does need something to finish it.

Elfin finished up the Mode Dea yarn I used for, Kevin Z's hat (no photo as of yet), and for the In the Pines Headband. (previous post)--It is intended for Kevin and Jill's soon to be born son.

Meanwhile, I have a pair of socks on needles now for the better part of a month, but as soon as I finish one hat, I compulsively start another. There is some knitting on my needles right now, that was supposed to be a scarf, but it keeps whispering to me, MAKE ME A HAT!

I am trying my hardest. If I do stick to my guns and make a scarf, you can be sure that there will be a hat to follow! Obviously, the scarf is not a conventional scarf, nor will the hat be a conventional hat!

Not yet blocked or photographed, is a remake of my Evening Star hat... with some subtle improvements--lest you think that I've only knit 2 hat in the past week!

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