Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Baby Sweater, continued

Do you have (unspoken perhaps) rules to knit by?

I know I do.

Take baby sweaters.

By my rules, they should be done in stocking knit.. I think baby’s clothes are hard to fit. Babies grow so fast, clothes go from being oversized to hardly fitting in a blink of an eye, and for most of the time the baby is wearing a garment, it’s going to be too big.
And if it is going to be too big, it should be smooth.. Not a bulky stitch like garter.

REMEMBER--these are my personal idiosyncrasies, and not any sort of real rules.

And baby’s sweaters should be long.. They should easily cover the gap that is so often created by a diaper. Having yet another piece of clothing that ends above the diaper (and rides up as you hold the baby) just seem wrong to me.

If it's cool enough that the baby needs to be wearing a sweater, then they shouldn't end up with the sweater bunch up at their armpits, a big gap of exposed belly, and a diaper below! Even if they are wearing a one’sie that covers them shoulder to toe, if they need a sweater, it too should cover the bulk of their body.

Another rule of mine is fine knitting. Ideally baby weigh (fingering yarns) but sports weight will do. DK and worsted weights are fine once the kids are toddlers, but, new born’s and infants need fine gauged knitting--or so I think.

Do I like this kind of knitting, inches and inches of plain fine stocking knit? Hell no!

Still, I manage to get 4 inches done yesterday. (4 inches by 21 inches) and the sweater is now 11 inches long.

1 more inch to go-- well 2 actually since the sweater will be hemmed not ribbed at the bottom edge. And then sleeves. Thank goodness babies have such little arms!

Here is a swatch.. And a gauge swatch.. I am working at about 13 stitches to 2 inches, (26 stitches/4 inches (10cms) not super fine, but fine enough.

The yarn is Lion Brand’s Micro spun, color Mocha, which knits up as soft as velvet, and machine washes like a dream. It also tends to knit up with an uneven stitch-- a / shaped knit stitch not a \/ has to do with how its plied (read more about this
here) but in reality, it is very loosely plied, and care has to be taken not to split stitches.

Some of that uneveness does go away when blocked (and my knitting is good, but it will look better after blockomg).
There are some small cables on the front for a bit of style, but simpler is better.. (after all, who is really looking at the sweater? It’s the Baby we want to focus on!)

Blogger was down for maintanence yesterday, and since then, the body is finished, (at 12.5 inches, since 12 inches came at the wrong point in the cable pattern ) and the sleeves have been started.

Meanwhile, mother and child, its been reported, are both doing fine.

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike, I see. I was just mulling over a possible baby knitting project myself, and hey, how about this for a coincidence - same yarn, same baby!
Different color, though, and... well, probably for a different part of the anatomy, too, though nothing is certain yet. (Except that the baby himself is a pretty impressive little morsel of humanity.) I love those tool buttons! I wonder, though, how comfy they'd be on a sweater, even as decorations. They'd make a VERY cool little mini-mobile, though....