Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is there such a thing as bad knitting?

I am not a yarn snob.

I don’t like every yarn, and I haven’t knit with every yarn, but I am willing to try almost any yarns.

I love wools, (especially soft ones). Alpaca and other luxury fibers are nice, but many are too warm for me. And some lack the sproing of wool.
But I like cotton yarn, and it has no sproing at all!

I don’t look down my nose on acrylics, I showcase my Red Heart creations side by side with items knit with 100% merino, (hand painted merino at that!).
My stash has all sorts of yarns; wools, and alpacas, angoras, mohairs, silks, cottons, bamboos, soys, in single fiber skeins and assorted blends.
I like novelty yarns too.. Just for the novelty.

I’ve made lots of ‘style’ (not warmth) scarves from novelty yarns. They are pretty.

I like knitting them and wearing them. Ribbon yarn and ladder yarn, and fancy boucles are fun for accessories.

I like novelty yarns for trim, too. Just look at this cute Thistle Hat.
It wouldn’t be the same with the soft ruff of purple fun fur.
And it certainly wouldn't look like a thistle in bloom.
(We like thistles in our family, and like the Scot's, think them to be flowers, not weeds)

Novelty yarns are wonderful, but well, like any novelty, best in moderation.

Which bring me to the ugliest knitted thing I have seen in a long time, (if not the ugliest thing ever)

This is what happens when knitting goes bad.

It has not 1, not 2, but 3 different novelty yarns, (styles) and several colors of each style. The bulky yarns (for the most part chunky yarn doubled!) that make up the base come in different colors too. The blue (ish) border is one color at upper sides, (square end) and a different color at the bottom, (curved end). And a third color across the top --in each case, the 'color' is created by the addition of a novelty fur/eyelash type yarn.
It is wide, (could be useful), but short (I guess it is intended for the matronly petite!)
It weighs a ton.

I have to wonder at the person who knit this.
Did they really think it looked good? Even if every yarn was bought on sale (even clearance), there is a lot of yarn in this … monstrosity.

(and I wonder, still more, at the person who bought and thought it was a good idea for a christmas gift)


Sherilyn said...

Bad knitting. Yes, it does exist. I do a lot with my local Newborns in Need chapter and help with the hospital delivery of our items nearly every month. We can't put our donations in the bins until we sort and organize the gazillion hats and other items sent in by other groups...and while some of these hats, booties, and blankets are very soft, just the right size, and highly useful, there is an astonishing (and saddening) quantity of hard-as-a-rock feels-like-a-scrubbie hats and booties that I wouldn't let near a newborn, much less a preemie, and there are always some fairly frightening fun fur uses. And I don't know who invented that rule of thumb for donations about a preemie head being the size of a lemon....if the baby is THAT preemie, he isn't wearing a hat yet, as his skin is like wet tissue paper. Some of these hats and booties, which represent hours of loving handiwork, are simply TOO SMALL. And some are WAY too big for any newborn. Maybe sized for a three year old, but not a newborn.

We put these in a bin out in the labor and delivery area for the use of older kids, either to wear themselves or maybe put on their dolls. So I guess some of it does get used, although I do think the hospital has thrown away items that were hanging around too long, as they don't have much storage at all.

Your blanket made me think of these items. We also get some useless blankets that are more like hand towels than baby can't wrap a baby in an 18 inch square.....

BTW, I'm not a yarn snob, either. Acrylic has its uses just like wool and mohair, and I am surprised how many people look down on it.

sulu-design said...

Where the heck did you find that?!?