Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Hats!?

You’d think I would be done with hats.
I thought I was done with hats!
I got 5 of the 6 six hats I’ve promised to The Ships Project mailed.

The top two are done in Paton's classic Merino, the bottom two, from left over, not quite complete balls of yarn. 1 and 3 have a base of Lamb's Pride , 1 with a sparkly wool and nylon (a very old ball of yarn) 3 with another old scrap of yarn. In the middle, the cellular automaton hat.

One more to go--or maybe more.

I didn’t like how my first attempt at hat 6 was working out. It just didn't seem to be the right hat for this yarn.. (I am not alone in waiting for yarn to speak to me, and tell me how to knit it-- See this topic over on Knitter’s Review forum)
So it became a baby hat.. a tadpole topper, with warts and all.

This hat (another charity hat) got started in December, and kept getting put off, but finally came into being yesterday.

In theory, I should have started my DD birthday hat, as soon as I finished the charity knitting hat. I have a week, ten days, and some remainderd skeins of Lion Brands Alpaka yarn, in black, and she wants the simplest of hats, in black, of course.

But I got caught up in some mathematical thought, and I am working on Fibonacci 1, --it's OK, but fibonocci 2 will be better. There are things about F1 that are I don't quite like (but they aren't so bad that I am tempted to frog!) , but could be better--F2 will resolve, or so I think! (and who knows? There might end up being a F3!) If you haven't realized it, F1, and F2 (and potentially F3) are all hats!

(and any day now, I have to whip up a baby sweater... JAZ is due soon!)

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sulu-design said...

You want more comments - you got more comments! My sixth graders have worked on fun Fibonocci tasks in the past - I'm curious to see the hat that will bear his name...