Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday I started a baby sweater.. My friend Jill (aka JAZ) and her husband Kevin are were due with her third child any day . I just learned, via the tsock tsarina, that yesterday, (8;15 or so last night), was the day.
I have about 7 inches knit--which is more than it sounds, since I am knitting in one piece from the top down, so its 7 inches of fronts and 7 inches of the back (and the start of the sleeves.) but I like long sweaters for babies. So I expect to keep going till its about 12 or more inches long. (long enough to cover bottom as well as chest and back)
JAZ has been making a baby sweater too, (still not finished) but then the sweater she is knitting is 50% wool --and NY has been experiencing a remarkable warm winter, and warm wooly garments might yet be needed, but as we head to mid winter, we’ve only had a few days of frost (and a light frost at that!) so she has some time still.
No photo’s --it would be fair to share before baby Aaron (and parents) get to see/wear it. It’s a simple basic sweater. If anything, too simple! I am growing bored by row after row of fine stocking knit, (I am working on size 5 needles.) with only a single cable either side of the button band to break the monotony of the knitting. I still have to find some buttons.. Some thing playful and masculine--I have some tool buttons, but most of them are too big for the buttonholes.
Maybe I'll just sew them on as a decoration.

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Sonya said...

Speaking of baby sweaters, I have some that need knitting, and one that will be a:


I was hoping you could point me towards the Dahlia pattern, I would love to adapt it for a little speck of a thing.