Monday, January 22, 2007

Sock Swap

I have been knitting, um, for more than of 45 years. (I persist in telling people I am 47)

For most of those years, I knit alone. My mother, my aunts (maternal and paternal) knit, my MIL knit. But I never once got together with them to knit, and rarely knit with them. Knitting was a largely a solitary activity.
Bella, the only person I could describe as knitting friend, was old enough to be my grandmother when I met her, and I was just out of my teens.

For most of my life, I have had very few friends who knit. I certainly never had a network of friends who knit.

This changed some 6 years ago, thanks to my DIL. (Sonya of KnitSonya). She introduced me to the online knitting community.
I had, by that time, a network of friends (real and cyber) who shared other interests, but, I had, for no rational reason, never thought about cyber knitting networks.

Since then, I have found knitting guilds, SnB groups, Meet-up groups, and knitting circles. I have met wonderful knitters, and friends.

And slowly I have made swaps with others I have met on line. My first swap, was unfortunately, a bad one, --and I was put off the idea of swapping for a long while.

But, my basic optimism won out, and since then, I have been lucky --and found swap partners who are wonderful--I swapped some bamboo needles I hated, for Addis, that I love, and sock yarn that was , (to mea at least) ho-hum for sock yarn that was WOW. (and the best part of that swap was, my swap partner felt the same!)

The coffeeshop has secret pals and random acts of kindness exchanges all the time. I usually don’t participate--I know me, and I know, I am always late getting package mailed, and well, I would be a bad partner! I would eventually get stuff mailed, but late can be disappointing.
But I entered into a sock swap.

Socks are easy to mail (they fit readily into tyvec envelope mailers, and are light enough that they can be dropped into a street box, and don’t have to be taken to the post office to mail--since you know, if you start with 100 grams of yarn, and have none left, the package must weigh 100 grams!

So I have a sock swap partner --and I have started socks for her. (I will not speak of the December socks, that I still haven't finished knitting)

Like the baby sweater, I am only going to hint at the details of the socks I am knitting for Polargrrl--She has to be the, (to my way of thinking) the first to see the completed socks.
Well that's not quite true, since some of the knitting friends, are also real life friends, and they will see them first--but I am not going to photograph or blog about them, in detail.

I am knitting them 2 on 2, of course, since, now days, I always knit 2 on 2.
These are 2 on 2 size 2 needles.

They are blue.. Well, bluish. Well, blue cuffs.

Top down, and almost certainly with a flap (but not a heel stitch flap) and turned heel, (but not a round heel) and ribbed. Not a conventional rib, not even a rib that looks like a rib. But ribbed because ribbing, with all its stretchiness, creates a much better chance for the socks to fit comfortably.
The toe style is still undecided. As of noon today, I have 5 inches knit.
Now it might seem I have said an awful lot about the socks, but...
The Tsarina of Tsocks was kind enough to post a picture of Aaron Z the other day, wearing this hat I made for him:

It looks better on Aaron than it does just sitting here.


Anonymous said...

Hee - "they will see them first." Makes me feel like such a little insider. Not to worry, your secret is safe with me....

I think we need to do yet another photo-op with Aaron and the Sprout hat - even here you don't quite get the full comic effect of the umbilical cord knot.

sulu-design said...

Aaron's hat is AWESOME! How did I not see you working on that? Are you keeping projects secret from the knitting group, too?!?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my sons hat! Yes, he looks cute in it!