Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today is my day…

Do you have the 2007 Pattern a Day Calendar? If so, you’ll see, today, January 11th feature one of my patterns.
(The calendar has 3 of my patterns for small patterns for bookmarks, each on seperate days.)
Here they are:

Don’t have the calendar? Well, with effort, you too, can have today’s pattern, free.
Go to the Big Apple Knitting Guild's web page.
Look for membership, then the link to the CityPurls.
Back issues of the City Purls are available as PDF’s.
The patterns for the bookmarkers can be found in the Aug/Sept 2005 issue of CityPurls.
Make your self a book marker (or not).
For all the other patterns in the calendar, you’ll just have to haunt your local bookstore--in many, it's available for 50% off.

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