Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well, I did it again. Knit something, and gave it away before I photographed it!

It’s nothing special.. The most basic hat, (cast on 10 inches, work 1 inch of ribbing, 12 inches of stocking knit, 1 inch of ribbing, bind off. Fold in half, and sew 2 sides seams.

A rectangle of knitting, with a bit of ribbing--my DD only want the simples of things, (her other request, is for a very simple sweater, in super fine (fingering gauge) cashmere, please, with argyles.) I haven’t (nor do I plan to) knit that!

Well, I’ll get a photo next week--I can’t this week because early this morning (I left the house at 5:30 AM) I took her to the airport (she’s off to parts far away for a week’s vacation)

Also finished, Aaron’s baby sweater--complete with a close up of the cute buttons I ended up with.

And Aaron!
Here he, is in a sockless Tsock Tsarina(better photo’s of Aaron can be seen on her blog.)
Next on my knit list is:

The Phyllotaxis Scarf from Knitting Nature, (Norah Gaughan)--page 112.
This is part of my on again/off again obsession for mathematical knitting.

And socks! I have to finish the pair I have on needles, and start a pair for the sock swap I am doing with the Knitty crowd-- and Knit Nerd (aka Barbara V) gave me a lovely ball of yarn.. And there is the yarn from Lisa, and…

Yesterday was the annual yarn auction at the BAKG.. I only spent $12--but that’s a lot more yarn in my stash! Mostly wools, lots of single balls, in a variety of shades from white to almond blossom, to wheat, and darker, and some dusty pastel pinks and corals. (about a dozen in total) Plus 2 cones of a lace weight mohair/synthetic blend, in a smoky amethyst color. The wools will work up into hats for the most part unless I get inspired to make a afghan.

I doubt I can convince myself to knit another afghan. My apartment is always too hot. I live on an upper floor, and hot air rises. (My apartment, like most NYC apartments, has steam heat. Newer building (post 1970 or so) have functional controls.. Older apartments allow you to regulate from broiling to just hot. It’s extremely rare for my apartment to be as cool as 72° (f) during the day, --even with a window or two open, its often 78° or warmer! It’s a bit cooler in the evening, but never so cold as I kept my house, where I was very conscious of every penny spent on each therm of heat.

I am told apartments lower down are often cooler.. It’s hard to regulate and get even heat on every floor--and as mentioned hot air rises.. The higher up you go, the hotter the apartments tend to get!
(Any engineers can save the trouble of telling me about vacuum pumps to keep the steam circulating.. They are in place and work, but hot air still rises, and I am close to the top!)


Sonya said...

It is a very scholarly sweater. Forget posing with knitting needles give this boy a pipe!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Aunt Helen you little sneak... caught me without my socks on! Damn that is one mighty cute baby, though - and a mighty cute picture of him, too. Can't wait to see him in the mighty cute sweater.

What AM I going to knit for him? I'm starting to feel delinquent.