Friday, February 23, 2007

70% Give or take a percentage point or two.

Slowly, but surely, skein 3 is turning from a ball of yarn to inches of knitting.

The Orange stitch marker is round 1, the turquoise one marks the beginning of skein 3--the half way point--(both markers are just visible on left side of image) and while the skein still looks big and fluffy, it’s a hollow remnant of itself.. I am about 12 inches ‘into’ the skein --each skein yields about 16 inches of knitting.

I haven’t spoken of yarn-- it was from my stash --I am using 4 (of 10) balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease that I purchased at Smiley’s Yarn in Queens (a few years ago!) --so naturally it’s a discontinued color/style. The 10 pack (the yarn was only available as a ten pack) was $10. It’s called Hunter Green Speckle. I am pretty certain I will make the Phyllotaxis Tam/hat as well, from the same yarn.

I don’t know if the scarf recipient would wear it. (it’s shown in the book as a woman/girls hat). But it does match the scarf, which is shown as a man’s scarf. I don’t know R (DD’s current beau) well enough to know his style--and if he would wear a hat like that. Maybe my DD will. Green is a natural color for her--it contrasts lovely with her rosy skin (like mine) and her copper hair (a family feature that turns up once or twice every generation--DD is the only member of the family currently with red hair)

I am itching to have it finished, and while I have knit enough, that I have earned the right to take a short break, and knit something else, (like the hat to match the wristlets!) I haven’t decided on stitch/style for the multicolor hat, (except: not simple stripes!) so I’ll continue on the Phyllo scarf and think and know, I can, if I so chose, stop for long enough to knit a hat.
I am thinking of a slip stitch pattern, but then again, maybe colored cables, or something in fair isle.

Eventually I will settle on one of these options.. Or come up with another!
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