Friday, February 23, 2007

70% Give or take a percentage point or two.

Slowly, but surely, skein 3 is turning from a ball of yarn to inches of knitting.

The Orange stitch marker is round 1, the turquoise one marks the beginning of skein 3--the half way point--(both markers are just visible on left side of image) and while the skein still looks big and fluffy, it’s a hollow remnant of itself.. I am about 12 inches ‘into’ the skein --each skein yields about 16 inches of knitting.

I haven’t spoken of yarn-- it was from my stash --I am using 4 (of 10) balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease that I purchased at Smiley’s Yarn in Queens (a few years ago!) --so naturally it’s a discontinued color/style. The 10 pack (the yarn was only available as a ten pack) was $10. It’s called Hunter Green Speckle. I am pretty certain I will make the Phyllotaxis Tam/hat as well, from the same yarn.

I don’t know if the scarf recipient would wear it. (it’s shown in the book as a woman/girls hat). But it does match the scarf, which is shown as a man’s scarf. I don’t know R (DD’s current beau) well enough to know his style--and if he would wear a hat like that. Maybe my DD will. Green is a natural color for her--it contrasts lovely with her rosy skin (like mine) and her copper hair (a family feature that turns up once or twice every generation--DD is the only member of the family currently with red hair)

I am itching to have it finished, and while I have knit enough, that I have earned the right to take a short break, and knit something else, (like the hat to match the wristlets!) I haven’t decided on stitch/style for the multicolor hat, (except: not simple stripes!) so I’ll continue on the Phyllo scarf and think and know, I can, if I so chose, stop for long enough to knit a hat.
I am thinking of a slip stitch pattern, but then again, maybe colored cables, or something in fair isle.

Eventually I will settle on one of these options.. Or come up with another!

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure what my deal is with this scarf, but I'm having a hard time getting the chart started. The using the last stitch as the first in the next row and slipping the marker to the left is really throwing me, do you have any tips for that? I saw your comment on ravelry and it sounds like you have a good handle on it. Did you have an issues getting i started? I would consider myself a pretty experienced knitter and haven't met a pattern I couldn't figure out yet and so this is kind of a fun challenge for me/driving me nutty all at the same time.

Your scarf looks beautiful and I'm sure the recipient will love it. I was thinking about the matching hat too for my boyfriend, but I don't think he would like the tam style even though I think it would look good. I think it would be pretty easy to convert it over to more of a stocking cap style with the same chart they use for the top of the hat.

Best wishes!
KristinRoach on ravelry