Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Links-- to Patterns, Recipes, and Tutorials

A quick reference page to some of the more stuff of interest on my blog:
(still under constructions/not all links are active yet)

Free Patterns
My Patterns:

SWS hat

Double Delight Shawl
*Bookmarkers (also available in 2007 Pattern a Day calendar)
Indian Twist Stitch scarf
In the Pines Head band
Knit necklace
Barley sugar socks
Celular Automaton Knitting(hat)

(list under construction)

Fusion Chicken
Ground Nut Stew
Sugar Plums
Cornell Formula Bread
Curry in Hurry
Irish Brown (Soda) Bread
Steel Cut Oatmeal –how to easily prepare:

Recipes on other blogs:
the NYT refrigerator bread (Sulu Designs)
Turkey Mole(Knit Sonya)

Double knitting: Part 1
Double knitting: Part 2
Part 3 has a link to a YouTube video of one style of of double knit cast on.
Double knitting: Part 3
Double knitting: Part 4
Double knitting: Part 5
Double knitting: Part 6
Double knitting: Part 7
Double knitting: Part 8

Cast Ons

Part 1 Cast on's
Part 2--List and link to YouTube page of videos)
Part 3 --Favorites
Part 4--Links and references
Part 5 bind off's

YouTube Videos of Cast On's
Simple Cast On (aka Script Letter e)
Double Knitting/2 color Cast on
More Long Tail Variations
Channel Island

Generic Half Dome/Watch Cap
Flat Knit Hats

Basic Shapes part 1
basic shapes Part 2

Linen Stitch (tri color)
(see free patterns for Indian Cross stitch)

Golden Apples: 101 Ideas for Using Up Scraps of Sock Yarn

Stocking Knit curls

Blog I find interesting:
(list under construction)

Knitting Sites of interesting
The Walker treasure project
Home of Mathmatical knitting
Generic sock
Heels by the numbers
Encyclopedia of knitting (1894)
Knitting needles cross reference page
Lots of stitches!

other subjects:
weird and wacky
the last knit (You Tube animations)

Other on line stuff:
the Story of Stuff
A Word a Day
One Look (link to dictionaries)

Knitting BB and other places to share info:

Knitting Blogs (even if only tangentally knitting)

Language blogs:

Weird and Wacky Places

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