Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Scarf--Not!

I had hoped to be photographing and showing off a good 14 inches of my phyllotaxis scarf today.. I might have been able to, if hadn’t frogged it back to the garters stitch border yesterday!
Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with me and this pattern! I keep learning and understanding the pattern better (or so I claim!) but I keep messing up!

Yesterday, I didn’t complete a single pattern repeat.

But I did get a copy the graph, and marked it up, and maybe, now, I will really learn it, and get it right, and make some real, physical progress. And not just mental progress (allegedly!)

Actually, it's fun. It’s not that hard a pattern, I just haven’t been paying the attention to it that I should, and it does need some attention paid.

Each time I start again, I learn more of the underlying logic of the pattern, and it becomes more interesting.

I am so used to picking up patterns/knitting and working almost without thought, it’s fun to work on a pattern that doesn’t fit into my assumptions, and makes me stop, take notice and to think about what I am doing, that I am enjoying the process, even as I make mistake after mistake!

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