Sunday, February 11, 2007

No Knitting, no photos

I am knit out for the moment.. I just have lost my knitting mojo--its been replaced by a cooking one.
Nothing special, just stock the freezer stuff: Stuffed shells, meatballs, seasoned rice, a bit of beef stew. Not frozen (and already half gone!) is a pot of old fashioned rice pudding.
Living alone, cooking is a hit or miss thing for me. I dislike having more POTS than PLATES.. So dinner for one is a bit of problem. I resolve by occationaly cooking up a mess of stuff, and freezing. Then, for dinner I can nuke food as I make a salad. (and sometimes not even have 1 pot to wash!)
Summers bounty of cooked eggplant slices is long gone, and this year, there were no great turkey sales-- It seems most years, turkey farmers breed an excess of turkeys, and late summer sell of the runts--last spring, the bird flu scare meant fewer turkeys got started. And there were no sales at all! Normally when turkey goes on sale, and I roast a whole turkey or just the breast, slice it up, and freeze.. (and have nuked turkey with roast vegetable for dinner)
Another reason for the urge to cook was the cold. And it was cold. Inside and out.
Last week, there was some basic service needed on the building boiler, and it was scheduled for 1 am. They had to turn the boiler off, so they could drain the water, do the maintenance, and get it back up to preasure -all of which, in the best of world, would be completed in an hour or so. Instead it took 3 hours, and with the wind (steady at 30 mph, with gust of 40 miles) and the artic temps that went along with the wind, the whole building got chilled.
Technically it was below the legal limit-- NYC requires a min temp of 55 overnight, my apartment (I have one of those indoor/outdoor weather stations) recorded an over night low of 53indoors, (10(f) outdoors. 2 degrees below the legal limit is hardly enough to complain about, but normally the overnight low is about 10 degrees warmer. It really felt Sunday morning, and colder still Monday --after the midnight maintanance.
All my windows were closed (which actually unusual) but my apartment it remained cool during the day. There are drafts--the windows themselves are double glazed, but there are gaps between the window frame and building structure, and there is weather striping on the terrace door, but again, its far from tight.
Normal, I like this --I like the fresh air, but it took all week before it was comfortable warm. Well warm enough to sit and knit. Instead I moved around, cut up vegetables, boiled water for cooking, and general found myself in the kitchen, next to a warm oven!
Progress on the phyllotaxis is slow--I made yet an other mistake, and this pattern is very intolerant of mistakes! At least I know what I am doing, and was able to tink to rounds, not frog rounds to get back on track. I see the pattern now, and see when I have made a mistake.. Which is some progress I guess!

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sulu-design said...

Oh, Helen, this is what New York City diners are for! Pack up your knitting, go down the block (certainly you have diner close to you), cozy up in a booth, and order a meal that will leave you enough leftovers to eat for a week for less than $10. Or, you can always cook (but then there are those pesky pots you hate).