Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress-- slow, but progress

Well I am chugging along, and beginning to remember just why I don’t like to knit scarves-- (See previous Post, (i.e., Slow Learner)

The scarf is too long to drape on my ottoman--(the normal place for display)--so its folded, the white stitch marker (join point for a new ball of yarn) shows the progress.

I still make a mistake or two--mostly forgetting to work the plain row of no twisted stitches. But-- I have a build in system to catch myself before I have gone to far.

The twists stitches, as the pattern is written, aren’t simple twists, (Knit stitch 2, then knit stitch 1, then let both drop off needle.

Rather they are , K2tog, then knit stitch 1, and conversely knit stitch 2, (through the back loop) then k2tog, (through the back loop) which results in the stitches in the left leaning chain being twisted, every other row.

I prefer untwisted stitches, so on the plain knit row, I make a point of working the stitches that make up the Left leaning chains ‘backwards’ so the sit on the needle like this \\ (not like this //-- this way, I can work them with out stopping and doing a SSK type maneuver.

A second advantage is, if I try to rush ahead, and work a pattern row, (skipping the plain row between) I quickly notice that the left leaning chain stitches haven’t been ‘turned’ -- and realize my mistake.

11PM update--skein 2 is finished,(50%) on to skein 3-!


midgeling said...

Congrats! It is coming along nicely! :-)

sulu-design said...

It's looking great - no matter how slowly it may be going!