Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slow Progress, and a diversion

Now that I know the pattern, Phyllotaxis has settled into being just another boring scarf to knit. Oh well.

Friday (normally a knitting day for me) I got a good 6 inches done. Since then, a scant 6 inches more! The small stitch markers are at the “new Ball of yarn” joins, and measure progress (or lack there of!)-Early Friday, I posted with some 9 inches past the first maker, 11 PM Friday, I added an edit when I joined on a new ball of yarn. Here I am Tuesday, with less progress in 3 days than I made in 1!

The length at the second marker(just barely visible at bottom of image) marks about 33 inches, and is the half way point --64 to 65 inches is not a particularly long scarf for a 6 foot + guy, but this scarf, knit in the round is double thick and doesn’t really lend it self, or require a double wrap round the neck. So 65 inches will be long enough. (about 3 to 4 inches longer than the pattern suggests!)
To give myself a break from the monotony of a memorized pattern, yesterday I made a pair of wristlets from some bulky yarn that knit up in minutes. I love the colors in this Anny Blatt, and 2 skeins (all I had) made these, and left me with some 15 to 20 yards of yarn left over in each skein.

30 yo 40 yards is really not enough to do anything with--except perhaps trim a hat or scarf.. --and I doubt I will embark on another scarf immediately! A hat is possibility.

My stash has Paton’s Classic Merino (1 full and 2 partial skeins) in colors that closely match this yarn. So there is a real possibility of a co-coordinating hat appearing. But --will pace and reward myself--No hat until I finish the current skein in the scarf, and at least 3 inches of knitting into the new one!

The Anny Blatt is bulkier, but it will still work with the worsted weight, as a trim.

Not Quite a Pattern for the Wristlets:
The wristlets are pretty simple, 32 stitches worked in a 2 X 2 rib, after 3 inches of ribbing, I ‘split a Knit rib’, (stitch 17, ) and made a lifted increase (making that rib K3) to start the thumb gusset. On succeeding alternate rounds, I continued to increase, either side of the lifted Knit stitch, till I had increased a total of 7 stitches- keeping, all the while, a single knit stitch as the center of the gusset, and working each new stitch in the established 2 X 2 rib pattern.

All the increase stitches got slipped onto a stitch holder, and I cast on 4 stitches, and returned to knitting the hand in the round (now with 36 stitches total)

The Knit rib I split before the thumb gussets was now 2 different ribs, with a set of purl stitches between them. Another 1½ inches of ribbing, and I bound off--in ribbing naturaly!

To finish the thumb, I picked up 6 stitches (1 in the base of each of the stitches I cast on, and one in each ‘side’. Round 1, the 2 side stitches got knit together with one of the picked up stitches, (1 K2tog, 1 SSK) to bringing the stitch total to 11--knit mostly in 2 by 2 rib--the center thumb stitch remained a single knit stitch--as it had been during the time the gusset was being formed.
4 rows of ribbing were all that the thumb needed, before being bound off.

From end to end, they only are 6 ½ inches, worked on size 9/5.5mm needles, one size smaller than the ball band suggests.
PS You have got to visit Maritza blog--and the Tsock Tsarina's (link above) --both have wonderful (though very different!) entries today.

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