Monday, February 05, 2007

Success at last!

2 full repeats of the pattern completed, perfectly.
(it is amazing what happens when you actually follow a pattern, instead of going off doing what you think should be done isn’t it?!)

It is a deceptively complex pattern, with 3 separate elements.
The design seems to be a set of chains (simple crossed stitches) that form diamonds shapes. There are 5 left leaning chains; each created with set of double twisted stitches, (these twisted stitches lengthen one edge of the pattern) and the ‘chained line’ element of this part of the design is an unbroken line.
There are 8 right leaning chains which at first appear to be the same, but in reality, are ‘broken’ every time the cross (under) the left leaning chains--a subtle element that is not immediately evident!
At first glance, the pattern seems very similar to a cabled diamond, but it is in reality, the design is not made from diamond shapes at all, but from parallelograms. Unlike a diamond pattern (argyles for example) the diamonds spiral--in fact the whole pattern spirals, moving 10 stitches to the left ever pattern repeat.
A Diamond pattern would be something like this:
(note: all the points of the diamond are on a straight line.)
But this pattern has all the diamonds on a diagonal arc -- every other row starts/completes another parallelogram!

All in all, complex, engaging pattern! Hard enough, that I wasn’t able to get it in one go, so it challenged and intrigued me. But not so hard that it is beyond my comprehension!
Still an 80 stitch 20 row pattern is one of the largest I have worked on!

2 repeats equal about 8 inches--for a finished scarf of 60 or so inches, I have another dozen or repeats to go!

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Sonya said...

I love the tweedy yarn you are using and a dozen repeats? You should be done in another 10 minutes, right?