Monday, March 19, 2007

Before I blogged....

I'll be busy this week, what with house guests, and REPRESENT--I have several days that combine Late nights and early --even for me early-(Up dressed and out of the house before 6 AM!) days--and when I am not out and about, I'll be napping and catching up on my beauty sleep.

I am in cleaning mode (not that I much like it!) and not knitting mode--but I want to be knitting and will get back to it any second now--for sure, I'll have a sock for Thursday's Sock Photo Shot in Central Park--Will you be there?

Before I blogged, I shared images and opinions on various BB's and other knitting pages.
Here is a collection of most of the knit items I have shared on Lion Brand's Customer gallery--starting with the most recent.

The Phyllotaxis Scarf from Knitting Nature, Norah Gaugham

Some socks, my own patterns from Lion Brand Magic Stripe's.

My version of the corkscrew scarf from Scarf Style, edited by Pam Allan in LB wool yarn.

2 skeins of sock yarn, both the same dye lot, but I was more than half way done before i realized the reason I couldn't find a matching starting point was because each ball was put up a different direction-the result? Funky striped socks!

I almost never wear scarves for warmth, but often for style. This ribbon yarn scarf is very pretty.

A local yarn store upgraded its stock and discontinued carrying LB Wool Ease. Lots of colors, and stitch paterns.. and double knit to boot! What a Vest!

Mill ends from a big box store... At first I thought I had 5 skeins of 1 colorway, but look again! 3 skeins of colorway A, 2 of colorway B --plus a bit of ivory for trim. This oversized shawl gets alot of use.

This caplet is a pattern that i have worked and reworked.. It's lovely, I think--in every version.

Why don't you look throught my Photogallery and see if you can find some other examples of the same basic pattern? There are also hats and scarves and other socks that could be included in this collection..

I have posted one or two more projects in the gallery--that I just can't find, or find the links to, and I will continue to post in the Lion Brand Gallery even though I now have a blog.

There are some wonderful projects there, and its an interesting way to learn what is being knit--since there are many knitters who don't blog! I think a customer gallery is a great feature on a company site, and that all yarn companies should emulate it.


Karen said...

Unfortunately, I will not be there for the sock picture. :( There's NO way I'm getting there from Jersey City and back in a decent amount of time. No Harlot for me in the evening either. Represent for us Helen, represent. :)

Sue J. said...

Thanks for commenting on my pics of Wyoming. I really like your blog, and have marked it as a favorite. You do some awesome knitting. Glad we met and glad you like Wyoming. I, too, was a big city gal, but these wide open spaces seem to suit me well.