Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cast On's-- Part 2

An incomplete list of cast on methods:
(the ones I know!)

Simple (aka script letter e)
Reverse simple.
Twisted simple (alternate simple and reversed simple)
2 color simple

Long tail
Norwegian long tail (aka German twist)
Reverse Long tail
Long tail in ribbing (alternate reverse and regular long tail)
2 ball of yarn Long Tail
Simple 2 color long tail
Braided 2 color long tail (and 3 color, and 4 color, etc)
Twisted 2 color long tail
Doubled tail--long tail

Knit (English)
Purl (reversed English)
Knit and Purl

Reversed cabled (purled)
Zigzag cable (cable and reversed cable)

Tubular--3 needle method
Tubular--provisional cast on method (pick up stitches)
Tubular--provisional cast on method (alternate YO on row 1)

Eyelet -Loop
Eyelet--slip knot
Eyelet--Emily Ocker
Eyelet--Knit Hairpin lace

Channel Island (aka Knotted)
Crocheted provisional
EZ’s provisional
Figure 8
Turkish or Eastern cast on

There are more cast on’s besides these 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 cast on‘s(I keep remembering more!) --some completely different ones, and some, variations of these cast on’s that I don’t know--or didn’t remember!

There are some cast on’s that have many variations--learning long tail is the start to knowing a half dozen variations. There are several ways to do long tail, too!

I use the “sling shot” hold for the yarn, but many use the English method, (sometimes called “thumb”) that achieves the same cast on, but uses a different style of holding yarn and needle.

And Reverse long tail can be done holding yarn in left hand, and reversing the movement/position of needle or it can be done by reversing the hands, --holding yarn in right hand and needle in the left hand! This is true for both the sling shot and thumb versions!

And some variations have several names--Norwegian which is also known as German and/or the German Twisted cast on--just as a plain long tail is also called sling shot or thumb cast on!

Tomorrow--more about my favorite cast on’s, with photo's showing some.

Look for the (new 4/08) link to my You Tube video's in side bar too.

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