Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last week

Exciting, overwhelming, exhausting!
I have seen and heard Stephanie talk before, she is a wonderful writer and speaker. I participated in some of the day’s activities.
I got to 72nd and Central park to be part of the photoshot--but I was 3 layers back, (and unseen!) but you can find me on Yarn Harlots blog --in
her shot of the group milling about includes me, (way to the left, in red pants and a multicolor vest)--looking slimmer than I am-- (dare I say it? I am fat, but I do have a good ass!)--my Grandson Cyrus got a photo, too. He's the cutey in the orange shirt.

After that, a cross park walk with Cyrus and Sonya. Photo taking and duck feeding, and snow smashing. Down town then to MAD, and the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit.

It was more modern art that knitting--but then I find that everyday, knitters, everywhere, (as evidenced by blogs) are doing more real, and ephemeral art. The show was filled with “look at me create real art”. --like the dress knit from real dollar bills cut up to make a paper yarn ($8,700 some odd dollars cut up and knit. The dress wasn’t a spectacular work of knitting--stocking knit with some shaping--what was spectacular was that it was knit from $8,700+ worth of paper yarn. But is that art? or audacity?

Friday, is my ‘normal’ knitting day.. But it was anything but normal.
Jennifer was visiting with Lisa (aka Tsock Tsarina) and she came bearing gifts.

Thursday, after the Yarn Harlots talk at FIT, she had an impromptu yarn sale, and by Friday there was just a little bit of the yarn that Lisa has luxuriated in Wednesday. *you can read about it yourself on the Tsock Tsarina's blog

But the thing is, Jennifer is so gifted, that even the last remnants were rich, lovely skeins (albeit, mini skeins) It was easy to find, in the already well picked over collection, lovely almost solids to mate with some incomplete skeins.

So 75Grms of Cherry Tree Hill, paired with some solid blue will create a mostly CTH socks.

And 50 grams of Koigu paired with peach, will create peachy toes and heels (and an edging on the cuff) will make another pair of socks (I have a pair of sock already from this Koigu)

And this rich wine red will marry well with my shades of rose.

The gold and purple (and remaining wine red) will blend create a fair isle band --that when paired with some olive green sock yarn make a colorful fair isle element --and a much more interesting sock than a plain solid green one.

As for knitting well, I have been doing some knitting. There is a hat yet unseen, and one (of several) UFO’s is getting worked on.. (a summer shawl of bamboo silk)
The tricolor linen stitch hat band is 12 or so inches along, slowly, oh so slowly growing.
And any day now, I will finish Decembers socks (cuff and leg done) and start a more interesting pair.
And then there is the knitting machine--that is an other part of last weeks excitement, to photo, learn to use and blog about!


Shea said...

I don't think that I would call it art or audacity. I'd probably call it stupidity. Especially since it's a federal offense in this country to cut up its' dollars! Let's see, $8700.00 + prison time. = hmmmm... one very expensive dress!

Love your site!

Anonymous said...

How was FIT? I couldn't make it and am so upset.. Great yarns, can't wait to see the socks, sweater, shawl, etc you'll be making from them.

sulu-design said...

I'll admit it. I'm in such a rush and am so behind on my blog reading (it's been a rough couple of weeks) that I only scrolled down to look at your photos... and they're beautiful. Such great color combinations. I look forward to seeing where you take them.