Saturday, March 10, 2007

Links and References

A short and incomplete guide to learning cast on’s.

Simple Long Tail Cast On, done with 2 balls of Yarn
--each a different color.

Web pages with tutorials for cast on’s-these pages have several links to video’s demonstrating more than one cast on--
DYI cast on tips
Knitting Help

Blogs with tutorials:

This blog has an alphabetical index to topics--including directions for several cast ons.

Anther blog with cast on directions

Blogs with directions for a specific cast on:

2 color braid cast on 1 and 2
Eyelet cast on--Emily Ocker
Eyelet slip knot cast on
Eyelet loop cast on link
Channel Island cast on 1 and 2
Tubular cast on--Provisional method or this one
Tubular Italian or kitcheners
Tubular cast on, YO method
Figure 8/Turkish cast ons 1 2 3

You Tube/video tutorials
Long tail
More videos here.
My (as of 4/08) You Tube collection.
Knit cast on
Another version of long tail
This person says they are doing a cable cast on, but they are doing a variation of long tail
The Magic Cast on, (Judy Becker's cast on) similar to a Turkish or figure 8, but improved.

Many of these sites will lead you others..
And Googling cast on will lead you more, too, as will searching YouTube!

An incomplete list of Knitting Reference books with directions to cast on’s:

How to Knit, Debbie Bliss
Trafalgar Square Publishing
Thumb (alternate style of Long Tail) Cable Cast On

The Ultimate Knitting Guide, Kate Buller
Martingdale & Company
Cable, Longtail, Thumb tubular cast on’s

The Big Book of Knitting, Kateria Buss
Sterling Publishing
Long tail, Doubled long tail, Provisional, Tubular (Italian/Kitchener)

The Knit Stitch, Sally Melville
(simple, crochet, and long tail cast on)

The Encyclopedia of Knitting, Lesley Stanfield & Melody Griffiths
Running Press
Simple, Cable, Thumb

The Knitter Book of Finishing Techniques, Nancy Wiseman
Martingdale & Company
Long Tail, Knitted, Cable, Picot, Provisional, Crochet, Tubular

Other books --
The Reader’s Digest Guide to Knitting, The Vogue Guide to Knitting

The list could go on for pages and pages--and there are, I am sure, Books, Blogs and even Cast On Styles I do not yet know. These references are just a start.

Finally, you can take classes with experienced knitters.

For those in NY/LI area, I will be teaching a Class --Great Beginnings--at the Villiage Knitter in mid April. In this class I will be teaching a number of cast ons, and students will create a cast on sampler of their own.
(it might not be posted yet on their web page, but it is scheduled.)

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