Friday, March 16, 2007

Wow, wow, and wow again!

Like Augustine, I often pray for patience. --Only I want it NOW!

I don’t know why, I should remember; all good things come to those who wait..
And today, proof of that has arrived in the mail.

Normally, my mail arrives sometime between 11 am to noon.
But today, I had been alerted by Polargrrlpurls that I should be looking for a package. So I checked my box at 11:30, and again at 1PM and then again at 3PM and finally at 4PM, success!

If I just got the sock we agreed to in the Knitty BB swap, I would have been thrilled. The colors are so bright and spring like (and right now, NY is so winter like!) and they are so beautiful, and they have A PICOT HEM on the cuff! --A beautiful bit of persnickety detail I struggle with and never quite manage--not for cuff down socks that is and feather and fan lace.

I don’t have a single pair of socks in feather and fan. (Why? I don’t know. Never got around to do doing any!)

BUT wait there is more.. (as if the socks alone weren’t enough!) a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.. A lovely rosy color, so cheery, not pink, but pinkish red.. (and just last week I post on Katherine blog, that I needed pair of red socks..(just like I need red shoes--I always have at least 1 pair of red shoes around.) I won't be using this to make a pair of red sock like those on her blog, but the yarn will turn into one special pair of socks.

But Jen wasn’t content to leave it at this.. No she also added an exquisite little woven notions purse. It looks like a mate to Lantern tree woven baskets, with a zipper and lining.

As this were more than enough--inside the purse, 4 little beaded stitch markers!

And a lovely note!
I want to put the socks on right now.. But, I am going to hold off, and were them next week --when I’ll be meeting knittyheads from all over at REPRESENT. Then I’ll be able to show them off to EVERYONE!

I am, a large woman, but I have this unexpected ability to raise my legs surprisingly elegantly --a persistent remnant of some early training in ballet--9which has left me with a weird skills)--I can’t elegantly bend over, but I can, still, years latter, gracefully lift my leg as it to put it on the bar! So look out--I’ll be looking a bit like --as I have been once compared to--one of the ballet dancing Hippo’s from Fantasia! And everyone can Ooh and Aah at my beautiful new socks as I elegantly raise my leg and bring them into view!


Sonya said...

Lucky lady. So do you think differently of swaps now?

Anonymous said...

I see Sonya and Cyrus are coming into town. this is going to be good.

sulu-design said...

Swaps are the greatest!!! You made out like a bandit.