Monday, April 16, 2007

36 hours and 8 inches of Rain later.

That is: 8 inches of rain in 36 hours, with over 6 inches falling in a single 24 hour period, (#5 on the list of rainiest days ever for NYC).
The storm wasn’t as bad as predicted, there was some wind and thunder and lightening, but the winds had died down --that is good news/bad news since with out the high winds, the storm has sort of stalled and is very slow moving now, which means more rain is possible. And many rivers had already overflowed their banks yesterday.
Most of the rain in my neighborhood ran into the excavations for a new high rise.
This high rise will, eventually, block some of my view --and if this causes delays, well all the better.
Long Island (Queens and Brooklyn are located on Long Island but not part of it.. Local politics trumps geography) is often described as a giant sand bar. And to some degree it is. (Actually it is made from parts of 2 terminal moraines) and the north side of the island (LI sound side) is hilly (home to places like Huntington Hills, Little Neck Hills, Rosalyn Heights, )--some of those hills extend into the north end of Brooklyn, (ie Brooklyn Heights) the south side (Atlantic side) is much flatter (and has places called the flatlands, Meadowbrook, and Jamaica plains.)
I live on the North side, and flooding is pretty uncommon. But much of the south side of LI, be it Brooklyn, Queens or any of the many towns and villages along the south shore right out to the tip of Long Island do flood. High tides, storm surge, and run combine to leave them inches (if not feet!) under water. (NJ is flatter still in the NY metro area, and it has worse floods) --even part of Manhattan floods (mostly “ring roads” on the shore, but..)
Thankfully, I am high (14 stories up!) and dry, and haven’t had any power disruptions.
I have been knitting.
My bathmat is moving along..
Having doubled and then some in the past 36 hours.
I still like the “neat” stripes of garter ridges better than the 2 toned ridges, but even they look pretty good.
To give myself a break from those huge needles and stiff yarn, I actually got back to work on the socks I started in December. I just don’t have much love for them. You’d think I would the yarn is a dreamy soft Koigu, and the color way is soft blues, with some lilac’s and greens.. But…
And then late one night back in December, I made a mistake in the lace patterns, so I knew I would have to had to frog back a few rows before continuing.. and that brought progress on the socks to a complete halt.

So, finally, I did it-- I frog, and restarted them.. I made the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches, and an now working on bringing the stitch count back.
An inch or so of progress if you measure on the instep.
There will be pictures at some point.. there was a picture posted, but I can't find it! (see previous post about lack of organization!)

Here are some of my face cloth ‘swatches’:
This is my favorite.
I-cord cast on, I-cord selvage, and I-cord bind off-- a neat edge on all 4 sides
The classic.

Cast on 3, with YO's on each edge to increase, and a body of garter stitch. A beginner knitter could make one these.

An less than perfect (but still fine for a washcloth) experiment with regular and reverse stocking knit.

Not my favorite color either.
The rest are in the wash, waiting from me to do laundry.


Dk's Wife said...

I am glad you are safe!

Shea said...

I can't imagine that much rain at one time. Hope you're not too waterlogged. We've just had non-stop frigid wind the past couple of days. The temp on the thermometer says it's around 65 or 70, but the wind feels like it's around 20.

I love how cute the bath mat is turning out. I want it! I may have to look into making one of those one of these days.

Keep dry!

Anonymous said...

Your cloths and mat are all very cute!! I like them - and here's wishing you and yours stay safe in all that rain!

sulu-design said...

Yeah, that was some serious rain, wasn't it? Glad to see you were so productive through the bad weather - it's gorgeous out now!
I love that you take pleasure in the delay of the building of the highrise... didn't you say you're on the 14th floor - I bet your building doesn't block anyone's view (hee, hee). Hope to see you soon.