Monday, April 30, 2007

Double Knitting Part -2

Shaker Knitting
-Aka Double Knitting or 2 color Brioche Stitch
Shaker knitting is deeply textured, reversible knitting. It is excellent for warm sweaters. (It uses about 50% more yardage of wool than the same size of standard knitting.) It is a bit difficult to gauge, because it is very stretchy.
Shaker Double knitting uses a brioche stitch--the K1B (knit in the stitch below method--or alternately, a YO/slip 1 in row 1, followed by K2tog (the yarn over and slipped stitch) in row 2.

No matter how you describe it, it sounds harder than it is. In The Big Book of Knitting (Katrina Buss) has complete directions for making a shaker-knitting sweater--. With all the details you need to know--including increases, decreases and picking up dropped stitches (a feat of magic if you ask me!)

Shaker knitting can also be done in with two colors of yarn.
When worked with 2 colors, it creates a knitted fabric with a predominately different color on each side of the knitting. But like slip stitch patterns or simple double knitting, you have to knit each color on a row separately. This requires that each stitch be 'slipped or knit'
--each stitch is processed 2 times per row of knitting. First you work in color A (slipping the alternate stitches), and then you work each stitch in row (or round) again, in color B, slipping the stitches knit first time across or round.

This is why this type of knitting is sometimes called double knitting. It creates warm, deeply textured, two toned effect on the front and back to the work, with one color predominating on each side.

In Weekend Knitting, (edited by Pam Allan,) Wendy Easton has a pattern for a 2 color shaker (brioche stitch) knit hat, scarf and neck warmer. Along with information on working in this processing there other fun details, including an I-cord cast on! The collection of patterns feature instructions for knitting in the round or flat.

Personally, I have never much like this style of knitting, and haven’t got past knitting swatches!

Meanwhile, in the world of lost and found--I found--put away precisely where they belong--the fingerless gloves that inspired the tri-color linen stitch hat-- I was sure I had lost them, and was very annoyed at myself.

I have knit a crown for the hat, but it doesn’t look the way I envisioned it--it’s close, but no cigar.
I was demoralized when I thought the fingerless gloves were lost, but now I am energized and will frog the current crown (30 or so rows--with ever decreasing number of stitches, and try again.) Frogging and re-knitting the crown shouldn’t take much more than an hour --two at the most.

Currently the crown is too flat. (too pill boxy.) I would like the crown to swell out over the the tri-color linen stitch brim. I need more stitches, and more rows. (fortunately, I have lots more yarn! )
I also thought I had lost a sock--one of a new pair, worn just once-- but again the gods have smiled on me. It fell behind the hamper, and now has been washed and returned to its mate.

Mean while, I have been working on samples of my favorite sort of double knitting--Interlocking Jacquard. With instructions, (including my first (and poor) attempt at a video clip) and patterns for learning this sort of knitting.. Here is a sneak preview of the sort of patterns I'll be featuring.

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