Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flash Your Stash? well sort of

I could, I suppose, but I am generally not a person who goes along with the crowd.
Still as part of my spring cleaning jag started late last month, and a general knitting funk, I have been sorting out yarn, and organizing them----helped by buying a 2 pack of 9 volt batteries, (1 for smoke alarm)-- the other for my electronic scale.

So 100 gm balls of yarn have been weighed (my apartment is, like many centrally heated ones, some what dry, so my 100gm balls of yarn (which have not been stored at some fixed humidity ) often weight 98 gm--and divided into 48 gm balls. (here are most of them)

Other bits and pieces of skeins got rewound, and some got paired up so that there is at least enough yardage for a pair of socks.

I had enough of this Koigu to make an other sock--but not another pair. But with a peach solid for toes/heels/cuffs, I will have a different pair of socks.
These socks (I made 1 pair for me, and 1 pair for a swap) left me with 60 grams of yarn (in 2 colors) 30 grams is way to little for a single sock.
I have 3 more balls of the lighter blue, (2 of 1 dye lot, 1 of a different dye lot)
I could have made a third pair of socks using the odd dye lot ball, but--it really was a different dye lot.
So continuing with last weeks success, the light blue became a multi colored ball of blue, violet and kelly green. Now, I have 65 grams of yarn for each sock.. So eventually these yarns will yield a sock with a solid cuff that gives way to a striped or patterned upper leg, and features heels and toes of a two toned design.

But that is not the only dying I have been doing.
A small bit of boring monochromatic red was deepened, into a rich deep red.--I have no idea what it will be paired with.. But its is pretty, isn’t it?

And some Lion Brand Magic Stripes was experimented with.. And I like the results..
Hot bright colors, (hot pink, lime green, red, navy and white stripes) became deep, almost black watch stripe with a dark blue over dye.
I wonder what other color over dye will work?

I have enough yarn to experiment with some other colors.
A few years ago, a local store first discounted (50% off) and then remained (at $0.50 a ball) all of their LB striped yarn-100gm balls! At the 50% off price, I bought colors I liked. By the time the balls were in the clearance bin at $0.50 a ball, the selection was less interesting. I didn’t much like the colors.. But couldn’t resist the price. One pair of socks in a not particularly interesting yarn is OK, but I have enough yarn for several pairs!
Now with a bit of over dying, I can change more of this too bright--and not to my taste yarn into some muted colors.

I think some of the small bits of self striping are going to turn into some wild and crazy spiral socks… similar to these 4 color socks, (white/green/yellow/blue) but busier!
Of course all this is predicated on me getting my knitting mo-jo back!


Sue J. said...

What a great idea for partial skeins of sock yarn! I'm going to do the same thing-match up those small left over yarns with solid colors for interesting socks. Thanks so much for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Zowie, that Magic Stripes came out well! Based on the way you described it the other day I guess it could only improve, but I could never have imagined it making something so gorgeous, no matter what you did with it.

You're as bad as I am, though, with neglecting to take "before" pictures. Wouldn't I love to see the before/after comparison on that dye job!