Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is This What I Planned to Do?

I sometimes envy organized methodical people.
Me? I can be organized, but, methodical? Never.

I tend to make plans only to say “Change of Plans”
To get going with my knitting, I have made swatches--AKA washcloths.

(I never use them for dishes, but as face/body wash cloths.) I give a lot away.
Last week at Easter dinner, it became clear, Jill needed, not wash clothes, but pot holders.

Yesterday, at Friday knitting, I gave her two--1 I had in my 'stash' of FO's, and 1 I knit up while there. And in my disorganized, impulsive way, forgot to photograph either of them! You’ll have to wait at least a week to see the potholders--unlike wash cloths, potholders are double knit, in color patterned designs.
Once the cotton was out, it just sat there, saying “knit me up!”

And so, here I am 7 or so
inches into a new bath matt
to go with my wash cloths.

It’s a simple enough pattern:
Apx 12 oz of Main Color (mine is natural white)
Apx 6 oz of miscellaneous solid color yarns
Apx 6 oz of miscellaneouls ombre color yarns.
Using 2 strands of worsted weight “kitchen cotton” (un mercerized cotton) held together, and a size 10.5(US)/6.5mm needle, or size needed to get a firm garter stitch.

Cast on 80 or so stitches (about 24 inches)
Knit every row.
Row 1 & 2: Main Color
Row 3 & 4: Solid color
Row 5 & 6: Main Color
Row 7 & 8: Ombre color

Carry MC between other colors, leaving a 12 to 15 inch loop of yarn.
Leave 6 to 8 inch tail when starting/ending Solid or Ombre yarns.
At the end of each ODD Numbered row, Leave tail or loop or yarn about 12 to 15 inches.
Repeat Rows 1 through 8, randomly selecting solid or ombre yarns, until mat is desired size--or till you run out of yarn.
(stated yardage will yield a matt about 25 X 20, (not including fringe)
More or less yardage will result in larger or smaller matt.
The tails will be knotted to make a fringe.
(trim fringe to even length as part of finishing.)

I have a little more than 7 inches knit, (since yesterday) and should be finished this matt by the end of the week. And while I will have made a serious dent in my stash of cotton (un mercerized kitchen type cotton--the mercerized dressy cotton is an whole ‘nother story) I will still have enough for some more wash clothes and potholders!

Of course, if you are methodical and organized, you might not enjoy a Jacob's Coat of Many Colors bath matt.

Me? While I have a large stash of Blue towels, (from blue bathrooms in former residences,) I also have a riot of other colors. My current bath has white walls and fixtures, cream (natural white) tiles on the walls and in the shower, and grey tiles on the floor. It has no window, and clear, multicolored shower curtain. I like to use different colors of towels to 'decorate' and add color to this almost monochromatic room. This bath matt will fit right in!


Penny Karma, aka the F-Bomb Mom said...

WOW! I am impressed!

Sonya said...

Does Donnie Osmond have a starring role?