Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Repositioning in Progress

I am continuing on my quest to move one bag of stash (ie most of my kitchen/craft cotton) to linen closet.
This week I have been knitting wash cloths. --Next week I intend to do double knit potholders.
This first one is knit, but not finished --I still need to graft the last row to the provisional cast on, (top center you can see the needle) and weave in the tails (that are just tucked under for the photo) This cloth was inspired by one saw last week (but realize now, I never book marked the site.. So if you are reading this.. Let me know so I can update!).
It’s a over sized cloth (almost 12 inches square!) --and matches everything! Its going to have a hanging loop in the Center.
Fully finished are these 2, and of the solids--obviously, I still had more of the blue/yellow/white ombre after finishing the bath mat--(I think I am going to keep the blue’s for the pot holders) But I have still more ombre and more yellow, so there will be more wash cloths from these yarns to come--and at least 1 tribble. (an other blog I visited and failed to book mark)--but directions can be fount here (Note this is a PDF)
The Ombre cloth is slip stitch pattern and Yellow a knot stitch --it looks nice but what a pain to do in cotton-- the knot stitch is K3tog, but don’t let them drop off needle. YO, and knit the same 3 stitches together again. No much fun in cotton!
I ‘m thinking of joining Anne’s wash/dishcloth swap, and I have led Sarah, astray--

Sarah is a relatively new knitter, (but onto her third pair of socks!) and she too has been seduced by the idea of knitting wash cloths. I wish I took my camera to the S&B last night so that I could have a photographed her butterfly wash cloth (it was a free pattern, but I don‘t know from where)

In theory, she has a blog (out of date at this point) but hopefully she’ll update before I run out cotton to knit! And then I’ll post a link to her blog.


Sonya said...

There is nothing like a goal to just carve a little, tiny hole in that stash of yours!

sulu-design said...

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere (said I to the top washcloth). So nice to see it in completion!