Monday, April 09, 2007

Novelty Hats.

Knitting a one of kind, novelty hats can be a reward unto its self.
They also are a fun way to learn specific knitting techniques--like bobbles or lace or what ever. They are personal and eye catching.
The list of novelty hats is endless and more are being created every day--there are crazy hats for everyone’s craziness!Here are a few of my favorites--

The Viking Chicken hat has its admires.
So does the “elvis” hat/wig.

The Hallow wig helmet is popular--in bright green Red Heart acrylic, it was part of a theatrical costume (Umpa Lumpa's from "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' production).

The Glove hat is an easy way to learn how to knit gloves.
(and there is also a Sock Hat for learning socks avilable on

Crowns are great for the kings and queens, and for princes's and princesses in your life.

Jester hat(pattern for sale) of all sorts hats are a natural go with--and come in several styles.(many more patterns, some free, and some for sale can be found.)

The math nerds in your life might enjoy hats made with fibonocci sequences or Klein bottle hats--for sale, or knit them for themselves (no image available with free this free pattern).

Brainiacs can wear a knitted brain.--No image available, see Debbie New’s Unexpected knitting.

Pumpkin hats (note: for sale, not free), pie hats, tarts, and cupcake cake hats --all means of inedible ‘edible hats’ exist.
Animals hats exist too, Coon Skin hats, cat hats, devil hats (see Stitch & Bitch by Debbie Stoller)--witches hats --Medieval hats for re-enactors.

And Viking hats with horns--for little norse men.
There are new hat ideas appearing every day.
These links will help get you started, --you can google and find more patterns (many for sale) and visit Amazon for books that include novel hat ideas.

This list is hardly the complete, missing is the Fry Up hat, (with eggs, bacon, beans and tomato's--full english breakfast on a hat!) and scores of others.

You can use these idea to generate one of your own!


Sonya said...

Not only is that my baby, but you also linked to me for the crown - thanks. Also, strangely enough, the Klein hat, the guy who runs the site and is in the photos, he was a parent at one of Philip's old school.

I have always loved that tart hat, seeing it again, makes me want to make it - fun post.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I stumbled upon yours while on Crafster and I must admit to a little lurking. Your blog is informative and fun. I love all the hats!

Anonymous said...

I want a pink hair hat! (please)

You never knit me anything [pout stomp pout]!