Saturday, April 21, 2007

Take a Cotton to Knitting?

Well it’s day 8, and I now have 2 new bathmats, and Jill has 2 Potholders.

Both bathmats are about 20 by 26 inches, a nice size but not too large --NYC bathrooms, (and kitchens) unless you live in luxury, are the size of postage stamps.
This size bath matt will cover a good third of the ‘floor space’ available. (For scale, you can see size large slippers and some towels--the navy towel is a bath sheet, (30 by 60 inches or so)
And no, my bathroom doesn’t have wood floors--it’s a windowless room, so the photograph was taken in the living room.

I had all this cotton from a double knit potholder binge I went on some years ago.
Everyone got potholders then--my sisters, my daughter, her friends, some for me too. 5 years later, mine crisp black and whites have faded to greys--and are stained, and old looking (even if still quite servicable!)

I think I will continue with this cotton knitting and make my self some new potholders for myself.
Jill’s 2 are just the latest in a double knitting obsession that flares up and then wanes.
Note: Each pot holder has reversible designs.
I might knit up some cotton edging too, and gussy up some mixed/matched towels to make ‘sets’ --Paton’s Grace a fine, mercerized cotton --another cotton sitting in my stash--is my first choice.
Some more wash clothes too, since while my bathmats have effectively reduced my stash of kitchen/crafters cotton by half, I still have quite a few balls (full or nearly so) left.


Anonymous said...

Oh those are so cute!! I don't know how to double knit, but your potholders turned out just great!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Thats it..... The obsession has been completely cemented!! I joined the dishcloth swap, and I think a divorce decree is on its way!!! Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of yarn addiction!

Anonymous said...

These are just great! Thanks so much for the tutorials and instructions. I've got a go-to place for potholders now.