Thursday, May 24, 2007

Edges and Borders

All the panes of 'glass' have been sewn into place.
Yesterday morning found me with all the full panes in place and 2 corner pieces, sewn, (the rest just pinned) This morning, all the pieces are sewn in place.

Next up is the edges, borders and since this is a pillow top, the back and zipper.

But I have plans for the weekend (doesn't every one? –well, make that everyone in US!) so don't expect to see much progress this weekend.

For a coverlet, the borders can be simple bound over with bias tape, or you can even leave the points of the edge square un-sewn, and create a serrated edge.
For a throw pillow top, the best choice it to add border,1 to 2 inches or so, and to use half of it as a seam allowances for sewing on the back Aside from the raw edges of the 'glass' the edges are finished, so the seam allowances will be uneven. The added border will have a ½ inch or so seam allowance, the patchwork will have a scant 1/8 inch or so.
This same process can be used for the coverlet, if desired.
There is an advantage to finishing a coverlet this way.
When a border and backing is added, a buttoned/zippered or snap closure can be added. Then the finished coverlet can be a light weight summer top/blanket and in the winter, a duvet for a warm comforter. Making pillow shams to match is another option.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the colours.

Sonya said...

The subtle prints are really wonderful and I love the gray, who would have thought. Lovely, neutral gray.

|chee-uh| said...

Very nice. I'm going to have to go over the directions again and try it sometime. There's a fabric sale this weekend but alas I'm broke.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I have been meaning to make a Cathedral Windows for a couple years now. My supreme laziness has been stopping me. I should just get to it. Yours is beautiful!

Dk's Wife said...

My mom made a cathedral window quilt with the background out of black satin and the "panes" out of assorted satin. Stunning is an understatment.

When I seen yours, it just made me smile and I thought of her!