Thursday, May 17, 2007

Endless Obsesses Knitting--tally: 18 Double Knit Potholders

After a solid month of knitting nothing but cotton, I am beginning to tire.
Is it any wonder? I tallied up my count..
2 bath mats, 4 washcloths, and 18 potholders!

3 went to my friend Jill, and 1 to my friend, Robert.

2 to my Daughter in law, and 2 are being held for a swap with Susan --She'll get her pick of these red, white and black ones.
(The two bottoms ones in the photo are the newest, of this group, the one on the left still was on the needle when I took the Photo.)

2 to my daughter, one to match her kitchen now (but it also matches colors in her dining room)-- the chocolate brown and golden orange and yellow tones-- and one to match the kitchen she is planning (one of these days her 1970's kitchen will be upgraded to a more modern look (and the avocado green and harvest gold wall paper will give way to crisp white walls and appliances , with some chalk board black and bits of red to liven the mix.) In the meanwhile this potholder will match her dining room--and won't be out of place in her kitchen either.

2 are off to Chia—she's off to a new start, and well, these will be a bit of housewarming gift.

3 are for me--my old potholders are fine, just faded--I love all of the red, black and white ones--(and can always make another if I want!)I'll keep what ever is left after Susan and DD take their pick.

That still leaves me with 3 with out a home--for now.
I've taken a bit of break from knitting.. Not a big one, just one long enough to make a throw pillow--one I promised to make for myself some 20 something years ago.

I made my first Stained Glass Window pieced patchwork for a wedding present for a cousin.(and haven't made another since!) Its time already!
More details on that soon.


sulu-design said...

Two for me, YAY!!! Now I'm really looking forward to out Tuesday knitting meet-up!

Sonya said...

And for me too! Onto something with one set of stitches for both sides, knowing you "a break" will be something equally as beautiful and technically challenging!

Anonymous said...

These are totally cool!

|chee-uh| said...

Yaaay! Two for me! Lol.