Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Piecing the Cathedral Window together.

Slowly, but surely, the panes of glass get sewn in place.
First 4, then 8,
then 12,
and today I go to work on the last 4 full sized panes.
There will still be half and quarter panes to sew in after that, before I can sew on a border and then a backing...
With each pane sewn in place the patchwork becomes prettier and prettier. There is a pattern, to the patches, but it is a subtle one, with single direction symmetry .
The panes are colors in my living room—the walls are grey, the adjoining (and visible) rooms are bright Yellow and Purple. There are patches of bright blue, (painted furniture) highlights of orange, (artwork mostly) but also other throw pillows.

My furniture is an eclectic mixture of woods--dark walnut, pecan, oak, birch and pine! Which is quite a mixture, but I think all natural wood tones go well together. The largest piece of furniture is the sofa, a large L shaped one, which is beige—another neutral. With a huge expanse of grey walls, and large sofa in beige, I can afford to have throw pillows and other accessories that have lots of color without overwhelming the room.

Next, Edges and Borders


Karen said...

I am loving watching this come together.

Anonymous said...

This is really very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so beautiful - it's quite spellbinding!