Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sometimes I surprise myself!

I have made dozens of double knit potholders, and even documented dozens of simple patterns… Problem is, I gave the potholders away, --and some how--lost most of the images.

(The real problem is, I love to knit new things, and dislike reknitting a pattern I have 'explored' and understand.. I want to be experimenting with new ideas and design, not rehashing old ones.)
So as I have been preparing the tutorial, I have (grudgingly) been making some new potholders from these 'old' patterns.-simple patterns of stripes, or geometric designs, (some I have given (or plan to give) away, and 1 --the black and white gingham, I will keepfor myself)
Many of my designs work best in solid colors, and over the years, --and I recommend solids to double knitting beginners.

But, along the way, I have been seduced by cotton color ways and ombres.
I am a sucker for multi color yarn in the skein. I love it. Until I knit it.

Then, its blah at best, and Ugh! at worst--at least to me.

The Bluish bathmat was mostly a blue/white/yellow blend--(What ever possessed me to buy a 14 oz skein of that?) It’s Ok knit up--(how much can you obsess over something you are using on the floor?) and most of the skein is gone--but there is still some of it left. Along with lots of other colorways.

But as I worked; on the bathmats, and wash clothes, on potholders, more and more of the solids got knit up, until only the color ways were left in the stash.

What was I to do?
Well one answer--buy more cotton --in solid (I confess, I did!)
Second solution? Figure out some way to use up the color ways.

The problem with color ways is, I don’t like how they knit up--in general and specifically, in many double knit designs.
(or should I say, they didn’t look good in the ideas I generated?)

So I tried something different.. And surprised my self.
My idea was something like the “lice’ design of Scandinavian sweaters.. Dots of color in a regular pattern. --within a row, I decided simple dots didn’t do it.. So I Purl’d instead of knit--it gave some texture. It worked.

Take this potholder.(right) One side predominately a color way.. It looks OK
Or this one--(above, worked a color called Peppermint) Both are OK, Not the most interesting of effects, but not bad.
But look at the other side--in each case a solid--
Zowie! That is pretty! I have some black and white cotton, and now I need some solid red to make a ‘color mate’ for the peppermint and black potholder.

The blue is exceptionally pretty too, (if I do say so myself!)
That is one of the things I love about knitting-- You can learn and think, but sometimes, you need to actually knit something up to see exactly what you’ll get! And sometimes, you'll even be surpised!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, not much of a commenter here but after coming across one of your posts through a Google search, I just had to let you know how helpful your double knitting posts have been. They're very clear and easy to follow, I've done two potholders already and am on my third--this year's Christmas gifts! Every time someone compliments my knitting I point them over here to learn it for themselves.

I was wondering how you do the loops on your potholders. I've been crocheting mine but am not sure I like how they're turning out, so am looking for a different technique.