Saturday, June 30, 2007

All for Immigration!

I usually don't get political—but all politics is local—and once in while, its so local it come right into my house!

I am the daughter of immigrants.

I am the mother in law of an immigrant.

I am the sister in law of an immigrant.

I am cousin to a boat load of immigrants!
(First cousin, second cousin, third cousin, cousin once removed, kissin' cousin (that is cousin -in law,) I am cousin just about every way there is to be a cousin to someone who is an immigrant.)

I like to say my family is still in the process of becoming American!
I live close to the World's Fair Grounds
(depending on your point of reference—it could also be Flushing Meadow Park (immortalized by Homer Simpson) or it could be, to the literary mind, the smoking field of ashes seen from the train by Gatsby.)

But all of Queen's is a Worlds Fair!
I live in the US county with the greatest diversity of immigrants
Queens might not have the most of any one nationality or ethnic group, but Queens county has the most diverse population of any county in US.
Everywhere there is a there, some one from there, lives here!

Many of my neighbors are immigrants—most are legal, simple because buying into a co-op in NYC require even more documentation than required for a green card. And what a diverse lot they are.

Just about every country of Europe, (Eastern and Western Europe) Huge chunks of Asia (near east, mid east, far east and indian sub-continent) South and Central America, Subsaharin Africa--and South Africa, even the odd Austrailian and Kiwi thrown in, has found it way into the co-op complex. (There about 1200 household in the complex)

Through an accident of birth, I am ethnically Northern European.
So, me, and my kind, got preference for years when it came to immigration. Now day's , the family (like the country) is a bit more diverse.

No longer simple Northern European, we are Southern European, Asian, and Caribbean.
We have a family reunion every year—and while we pale, solarphobic Northern Europeans predominate, skin tones of every sort are present. (and not every family member makes to the reunion, so we are not as diverse a group as we potential could be!)

There are some who think the door to this country should have shut --right after they and theirs came through--but, me, I am all for immigration. I still have family that I know, and potential family (that I don't yet know of!) waiting to come in!

Ideally, everyone should immigrate here legally. But...
I don't want to see my family split up and a parters seperated, or parents torn from their children, and I don't want my family to be the exception--simple because we are English speaking Northern Europeans.


Sonya said...

Wonderfully put Helen!

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you so much for the invitation to the knit group but my evening hours are my precious time with my son. I work during the day and don't to see him until after 6p.m. I don't even go to the gym until he falls asleep. But I'll try to drop by one day this summer. I'll email you before I come. I really like your knitted items.
Queens Rock! I love Queens so much. My son and I go to the Queens zoo almost every other week. It's so nice to know there is another knitter who lives so close by. Have a wonderful week.

Sonya (from Queens)

Dk's Wife said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a TV ad for some stand-up comedian who says "Does anyone think that maybe Native Americans should have had a stricter immigration polcy?". I wish I could remember his name because I find that brilliantly funny.