Thursday, June 28, 2007


There is the making (fun) and the finishing, (work).
It doesn't matter if you are talking about knitting or anything else.
I had the Cathedral Window Top finished by May 24th.

I just need to turn the top into a throw pillow.
Not much work, mostly just collecting the bits and pieces needed.
I had (still have!) gobs and gobs of polyfil.
But I needed some plain muslin for the pillow form.
A grey zipper. A spool of grey thread.
The will to do it!
So it's done.. not just a top but a full over-sized pillow throw pillow.

Its only taken a month! (and a few days.)


sulu-design said...

Rome wasn't built in a day either! Your pillow is fabulous - fun colors to have around in the summertime.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that last ingredient is the hardest one to come by - says the Queen of Productive Procrastination. But the FO is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!

Funny thing - I didn't know this technique at all until now. But the day after you showed me the pillow top in progress, I went to a yard sale, and guess what I saw? It was a bit rattty, and clearly had never been as nice as yours to begin with, but still you have to wonder about the forces of coincidence and the convergences of knowledge....

Dk's Wife said...

Beautiful! I love cathedral quilted items!

Sonya said...

Well whenever it was started vs. finished it is lovely.

Colette said...

That is so pretty Helen, really lovely!