Thursday, June 14, 2007

Imitation is the sincerest form of flatter.

Spurred to action by Lisa (AKA Tsock Tsarina) and her beige blob--

I took needles to hand and made a blue blob (that I failed to photo or document while in process.)Well at least I have the FO (well, not quite finished) to photograph and blog about..

1 ball of DMC “Traditions” 100% mercerized cotton (Art 145/size 10)
(a 2 oz. ball/350 yards makes 1 hat –about $3 in most stores)
(a second ball is needed if you want to make matching bag to hold hat when folded)
1 pop up hamper wire
1 package of Coats and Clark's bias tape, (also blue)
a needle, some thread.(blue again)
some knitting...
and Voila!
One Self blocking summer hat!
There is no pattern.

The directions? Be confident of your knitting!
This hat was just winged!
Cast on and work in round.
Start with a doily pattern –work the pattern till you have 6 inches or so
--no, you can't have the doily pattern I used, because its still sitting inside my head!-- the Tsock Tsarina used a simpler pattern, and it looks just as good (or better, depending!)

Switch to a lace pattern that doesn't increase. Work 3 to 5 inches (my hat is way bigger than hers, (my head is HUGE) The best size is a personal thing!)
Make a Band (this will mark the end of hat and beginning of brim)
(not the crown isn't stretched, only the brim is. The Picot 'banding' is almost (but not quite) non stretchy. (TT used a totally different method, but to the same effect)
Return to doily pattern -(increases )
Make a brim of 2 to 3 inches.(or more--size depends on your pop up wire size! Pop up hampers come in different sizes)

Meanwhile remove pop up wire from hamper
(buy the cheap0 pop ups from $1 store, not the $7 ones)
Cover the pop up wire with bias tape (use coordinating or contrasting color)
Finish brim by making a row of *K2tog, Yo, followed by 5 to 6 rows of stocking knit.
Bind off, working bind off over the pop up wire.
I used a crochet hook in my right hand, rather than a needle, but The Tsarina said she found it just as easy to use a needle.
Add cord or ribbon to transition point between hat crown & brim. (still not done in photograph--I plan a self cord to thread into picot "piping" at transition point. (with perhaps a small bow at center back)

Bonus—knit a small bag to hold folded hat.. I still haven't done that yet, either!--but I do have a second ball of the its likely to happen.

I made mine with a (US) size 2 needle, (and added lots of lace to brim) but everything about this hat is "just knit" you can pick and chose what ever pattern suits you!
(Now I return to my navy blue wool lace (I made a mistake and had to frog 5 rows.))

That was last friday.. since then, I knit nothing but the blue summer hat (and finished it today.. when its cold and grey here in the northeast!)
Maybe tomorrow I'll get a photo of it on my head (with cord in place, and the tails woven in!) so you can see it better.


Anonymous said...

Wow, cute hat. I wish I had your confidence!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhhh... this must what they mean by "Copy-Hat Crime."

Looks great - can't wait to see it live and in person!

(P.S. to knittingnutter - you'd have Helen's confidence too, if you'd been knitting since dinosaurs roamed the earth....)

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

ofTroy, you and my daughter, who made the approx 24 inch green,triangular doily on my blog, have a certain amazing synchronicity of spirit. She's a math wiz and loves Fractals. She can't follow patterns though she does her own totally amazing ones.

Avrienne said...

I would have never thought of knitting a brimmed lace hat. I'm not much of a hat person to begin with, but I do like the big straw hats, so maybe I should look into this...