Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More about the Peek

It is to be a scarf, not a shawl, based on the Miss Lambert's Shetland pattern for a shawl, (p50/51 of Victorian Lace Today, Jane Sowerby, (XRX publishing)I have lots of super fine (cobweb weight ) wool.. unfortunately, it's all in quantities of 300 or 400 or 500 yards. And most shawls take 600 and 700 and 1000 yards!
When will I learn to buy more yarn? --Yeah, like I need more yarn!
The navy yarn? 40 gm. How many yards? I dunno.
So I am knitting by weight. 20 gm for center of scarf, and 20 gm for edging.. (Well maybe 22/18 for the split.)
To make a scarf of a decent length, I cast on 40, not 70. 5 gm gave me about 12 inches in length, so 20gm should give me a scarf, before edging, of about 48 inches by 8 inches. With a 2 inch border, it will be 52 inches by 12 inches.. a good size for scarf--but no where near shawl size!

The center is a pretty simple 6 stitch, 8 row repeat pattern. It took me a while to learn.. but now about half way done, it's getting to be almost boring.
To take a break, I have been finishing up some UFO (there are always UFO around!)
Here is the Tricolor Linen hat.. still not fulled and blocked but looking good.
(I swatched for this, and posted a pattern for tri-color linen stitch back in March..(see it here) )

And this hat, is not quite successful version of the Viking hat—in an adult size.

It overwhelms the 'head'--but the head is small (19inches) where as my head is a whopping 23 inches!
Most peoples head fall somewhere between those measurements.


Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the tricolour hat!

juuli said...

I like your version of the Viking hat! Is it fur on the sides? Or pompoms?

Sonya said...

I was shocked to find just how much yarn a shawl takes. Can't wait to see which scarf!

Lime Street said...

I think the viking hat is fabulous!