Monday, June 25, 2007

Not Knitting Much, and not Knitting Anything New

I've been in a funk..
The blue lace scarf is just about ready for the border.. but I haven't started it.
Several yarns are calling to me.. (but I really should finish up some UFO before starting yet another project!)--
Two hats appeared.. both remakes.. a fancy colorwork one, and a simple one.
The fancy color work one starts with Latvian Braiding, (after a 3 color braided cast on) then works into a half dozen rows or so of a 3 color pattern, before settling into the more usual 2 color work. Oriential pavilions is how I think of it, (since 3 colored hat defines several hat designs!)

Made with my favorite generic wool, Paton's Classic Merino.
It's a small hat, but a pretty one.
The second remake is the Elfin hat.. it's for a baby-in the making yet, and will be finished with a pompom. I'm thinking a black one to offset the creamy white, but I might end up color coding with pink(raspberry) or green. The mother has elected not to know the sex of the baby to be.. and I am unsure—I might just end up making 3 pompoms, and letting her chose the color she likes!
Its made up in Coat & Clark's Modea Machine washable wool. I've used this before, (In the Pines headband) its a nice soft wool (best for babies ) with the added pleasure of being easy care for mom.
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