Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Other Blue Lace

My little ball of navy cobweb wool is now at the half way point-- 20gm remain. --here it is hanging on the shade of a floor lamp.

My little scarf, is 36 inches or so inches unblocked. (and readily stretches to 48 inches )
I think I am going to go with a 22/18 gm split.. another 2 gm of wool for the scarf, and 18 gm for the border.
It's chancy working this way.. but at the half way point or so of the border, I will know if i did the right thing!

I'll start the border at a long edge, and if I have way to much yarn by the time I am half way done, I'll frog the short edge,and make a longer edging there—Since longer is better than wider I think.
Currently the scarf is about 8 inches wide, (blocked) and with a 2 inch border, will grow to 12 inches.
The 36 (blocked to 48 inches) will grow to 54 inches with a 2 inch border.. an OK length, but longer, is better. even just a few inches.

I'll be using the VanDyke border that is shown with the shawl pattern in Victorian Lace Today. (page 50/51)

A few years ago, I made a moebius scarf and worked then, too, with out a net, so to speak.
I started a fancy edging, and got to half way point and had almost no yarn left..
I ended up frogging that border, and starting again, with a smaller one..
Completed, there was just 15 inches of yarn over! It was an anxious last few pattern repeats, I have to tell you! That yarn (like this yarn) was a mystery yarn picked somewhere along the way. Something I would be totally unable to match. I have more, of the same yarn, in a dark green, and think about making another moebius to store with the first! I also have some in grey but a much smaller quanity. Someday it will end up trimming something else, since there isn't enough to do something on its own.
(I think I have worn it twice!--Both times as a show off piece --at KnitOuts).

Update: here are some photo's of other blue lace (i.e., the hat) on..

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