Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Other Blue Lace

My little ball of navy cobweb wool is now at the half way point-- 20gm remain. --here it is hanging on the shade of a floor lamp.

My little scarf, is 36 inches or so inches unblocked. (and readily stretches to 48 inches )
I think I am going to go with a 22/18 gm split.. another 2 gm of wool for the scarf, and 18 gm for the border.
It's chancy working this way.. but at the half way point or so of the border, I will know if i did the right thing!

I'll start the border at a long edge, and if I have way to much yarn by the time I am half way done, I'll frog the short edge,and make a longer edging there—Since longer is better than wider I think.
Currently the scarf is about 8 inches wide, (blocked) and with a 2 inch border, will grow to 12 inches.
The 36 (blocked to 48 inches) will grow to 54 inches with a 2 inch border.. an OK length, but longer, is better. even just a few inches.

I'll be using the VanDyke border that is shown with the shawl pattern in Victorian Lace Today. (page 50/51)

A few years ago, I made a moebius scarf and worked then, too, with out a net, so to speak.
I started a fancy edging, and got to half way point and had almost no yarn left..
I ended up frogging that border, and starting again, with a smaller one..
Completed, there was just 15 inches of yarn over! It was an anxious last few pattern repeats, I have to tell you! That yarn (like this yarn) was a mystery yarn picked somewhere along the way. Something I would be totally unable to match. I have more, of the same yarn, in a dark green, and think about making another moebius to store with the first! I also have some in grey but a much smaller quanity. Someday it will end up trimming something else, since there isn't enough to do something on its own.
(I think I have worn it twice!--Both times as a show off piece --at KnitOuts).

Update: here are some photo's of other blue lace (i.e., the hat) on..


Chelle said...

All of your knitting is gorgeous, but I am particularly tickled by your hat! Fabulous and practical...perfect!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures of your hat! Genius knitting. Thanks for the e-mail explaining the repeats.

Sonya said...

The hat is lovely. Beautiful summer blue. Now onto the tea part circuit!

Knitcrazy said...

And this hat looks so much prettier in person!!!!
Beautiful Design Helen!!


DonnaC said...

I saw this hat in person and it is GORGEOUS! It snaps open, and you're not sure what is going to appear, and then, "Voila!" it's there! I bet it is fun to watch our reactions when it snaps open! :)

Quite a neat project, IMO! :)

Nikki said...

That hat is the bomb. It's the ish. It's all sorts of knitting goodness collected into a layer of blue lace. I want that hat so bad, I might be willing to kill to get it. Do not bring this hat around me when there are large blunt instruments nearby. I love this hat!